Peter The Pitcher
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Coming from a rural town I was really excited to start at a college far away from my folks. I love to play baseball and other sports so I went for the try outs at school and the coach liked me so he said I can join the team as long as I pass the physical. He gave me a slip and I went to see the nurse. She said that I could see the doctor today if I wanted to..."Of course!" I said. I was really nervous cause I hadn't been to the doc in years..I hate I hope this goes well.

In walks the doc and greets me. He had a kind but sneaky face..I don't know how to explain it but, I just was prolly overthinking. He checked my heart and pulse and all that...then he wanted to weigh me. That's when things started to feel weird. As he was checking my digestion, I felt him rub my nipple..didn't think much if it until he started to feel on my balls..not gonna felt good cause I was rock hard. Next thing I knew he was greasin' my dick and jackin' me off..I woulda told him to stop but this doc had magic hands or somethin'. He jacked me off so good that I busted like Ol' Faithful! I mean that's never happened before. I shot my jizz straight up in the air! Guess he was impressed too cause he said I passed with flying colors.

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