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I've been having trouble sleeping cause of stress and stuff so I made mention to one of my classmates Bruno, and he told me that the school clinic and doctors always helped him out when he had trouble sleeping so, I walked on over and saw the nurse. She set up an appointment for me and I saw the doc the next day. I just figured the doctor would give me sleeping pills and that would be the end of that but little did I know what Bruno set me up for. 

The doctor greeted me and he seems very pleasant and showed genuine concern for me. But then after the initial blood pressure and heart check up..I thought to myself...this is getting creepy. He asked me if I have safe sex then pulled my underwear down to check my dick..I struggled with myself to ask him what the fuck he was doing but I figured I'd see where this was going. He checked my temperature with a rectal thermometer and that just took me back to when I was a little kid...I mean..who does that these days..but anyways I knew I was in for a ride after he started playing with my dick...I ain't gonna lie I kinda liked thing you know he stuck a white butt plug up my ass! It felt oddly pleasurable. He asked me if he could probe deeper and out comes this fucken black dick with rotating beads and spinning head...well heck I've come this far lets see where the rabbit hole goes! My ass was so tight and it hurt for just a second then I got an amazing feeling of euphoria! I fucken loved that thing up my ass..I wanted it deeper! He started slammin' that thing up my hairy hole and I just couldn't hold it any longer. He massaged my prostate so good I even shook cumming! That's never ever happened to me before. I think now I know why Bruno told me I'd leave the doctor's office a new man.  
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