Introducing Dr Black
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It’s my first week here at the campus clinic and it’s always non stop action. I’ve worked in other college clinics but this one seems to be the craziest of them all. Take for example my first patient of the day..Zach.. apparently he left his medication unattended at a dorm party and someone stole his meds. I’m not in the position of re-prescribing medication but I figure I’d check him out to see if he was on the up and up. I checked his heart and blood pressure and before I could examine him any further he grabs my scrub drawstring and pulls it…before I can get a word in edgewise. I exclaimed “What are you doing?!” He simply said “trying to get my prescription filled” and dropped to his knees. Well…I wasn’t gonna argue with someone about to give me a blow job so what the heck, I told the kid to knock himself out. He immediately put my dick in his mouth but being that this never happened to me before I was a bit nervous that someone would walk in on us; but after a while of him working on the head of my cock I got a bit comfortable and sat on the chair as he worked his magic tongue. Gosh damn! The more he sucked and licked on it the freakin harder I got. The only other time I had my dick sucked by another dude was in college and I was kinda drunk…but holy fuck can this kid suck some dick! I also got into him licking me all over…especially my tattoos. I lead him to lick my balls as I stroked my cock and I fucken orgasimed like I haven’t done in a long time..I mean there was cum coming out of my dick like crazy and puddling all over my hand and dick! I think I might consider giving him his prescription…maybe…

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