Jacob And Alex
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When I was urgently paged to the clinic I had no idea it was because Jacob got his dick skin caught in his zipper! I walked in an saw this young man in severe pain with his friend sitting beside him. They were just rushing out the dorm to get some lunch and in his hurry, Jacob caught his dick on the zipper and it stuck. It happens to all us guys that go commando but this one took the cake. So in one quick pull, I unstuck him..he almost passed out from the pain luckily there was very little bleeding if any. I proceeded to apply an analgesic topical cream and antibacterial. After applying the cream, Alexander thought it would be helpful for him to have a warm wet sensation…so he opened his mouth and started sucking and caressing his friend’s dick. Alexander seemed eager for his friend to feel better…as if his saliva had healing properties he gave Jacob a delicious, wet and sloppy blow job!

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