Jake Riley
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Jake Riley was your run of the mill student who was taking some recommended precautions that was advised by a doctor he had met. Through idle chatter the doctor came to find out the boy has a history of prostate cancer on his father's side so he advised that Jake stop by the clinic and learn more about what he could do to avoid the affliction. Jake stopped by and the doctor gave him the run down on what prostate cancer was and the steps a male could take to dramatically reduce the chances of developing it. Dr. Phingerphuck first had Mr. Riley go through the required physical which led the way to the actual purpose of stopping by. Once Jake shed all of his clothes the doctor pulled out the stirrups and had Jake scoot his ass forward so his hole could be exposed. Dr. Phingerphuck's methods seemed to be unconventional but yielded amazing results. Today he was going to exercise t he prostate with an electro butt plug while stimulating Jake Riley's dick till he blew a big load. Jake just went with the flow with little hesitation. He actually liked the feeling of the little metal probe being pushed into his virgin ass. He definitely liked it when Dr. Phingerphuck turned on the device and felt waves of pleasure as the device was sending mild shock pulses directly into his prostate. It made the muscles in his ass contract and relax around the little dildo. While his hole was being worked over, Dr.Phingerphuck was milking the guys leaking cock. Jake was moaning and being driven mad by how good it all felt. He felt his cock harden as his ass getting fucked by the small dildo. His prostate being milked he could contain his load anymore. Jake let out a loud groan as he was firing shot after shot of cum onto his face and neck then coated his abs before his orgasm subsided. Jake's head was spinning and barely could stay focused enough to listen to Dr. Phingerphuck recommend he come back every month for an examination.

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