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I was surprised to see Austin Grant back in the clinic but it didn't surprise me since I had a flyer printed up for electrostimulation experiments paying $200. I wanted to see what the effects of the electrostimulation would do on a young mans penis. Once I explained to Austin the experiment, he agreed and so the experiment starts. At first I had him remove his shirt and I quickly wanted to listen to his heart to make sure he can handle the electro experiment. Everything sound healthy so I instructed him to remove his shorts so I can examine his genitals. Austin removed his shorts and I took his dick into my hands a slowly palpated the shaft of his penis. He was getting erect and I can feel the blood flowing into his penis. As I prepared the electro, I had Austin stroke his cock and it became super erect throbbing hard. Before I hooked him up to the electro, I measured his cock at 6.5 inches. I then took the electro bands and placed one on the base of his cock and the other towards the top and told Austin to relax. With my hand wrapped around his cock, I turned on the electro-device and slowly started to turn up the juice as his dick started to throb and bounce. I guess Austin liked it a lot since his dick was getting harder and his cock grew even larger. I slowly increased the power and his dick took the juice and Austin was moaning and groaning as the electro was teasing his now sensitive cock. I let his dick go as I listened to his heart and examined his taint and his balls. He was loving every moment of the teasing from the electro. I check the slit of his dick and I notice pre-cum was developing as I looked down his shaft with a light and I slowly teased his cock some more. Austin wanted to cum really bad but I didn't allow him yet. I turned up the juice some more and his cock grew larger so I took another measurement and his cock grew another inch, it seems the electrostimulation is work. All I needed now was a sperm sample. I firmly took his cock and slowly stroking it allow the electro do its work. I turned up the juice a little more and I felt his cock pulse and throb until he couldn't hold off any longer and his cum started spurting from his long hard throbbing cock!

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