Officer & Michael
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Michael was definitely no stranger to a life of crime. He was currently making a killing peddling stolen drugs and his next place to hit up was an on-campus clinic. He broke in in the dead on night and started looking for medication he could sell on the streets. He hit the jackpot when he found a bottle of prescribed painkillers but before he could put them away the door burst open and in came Officer Jackson. Jackson started grilling the frightened Michael about his trespassing on clinic premises and his possession of medical grade painkillers. Michael, quivering in the presence of the dominating cop, pleaded he be let go and would never do it again but Jackson had something else in mind. He brought Michael to his knees and placed his cock into the poor straight boys mouth. Michael groaned as he was being place fed some thick pole. Still in a daze Michael felt himself being lifted up and pushed over the examination table in the room. He pleaded with the officer to not go through with the anal invasion but Jackson was deaf to the protest of the little virgin. He jammed his thick hard cock into the tight boys ass and rode it for all it was worth. Poor Michael felt his hole getting wrecked and took every thrust being dealt to him. After being flipped over on to his back Jackson continued his assault on Michael's hole. After getting his cherry taken Michael felt Jackson thrust in deep and cum in his ass. Once he was used and abused Michael was told he could get out of here and not to come back.

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