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It's always a pleasure to have a patient return for another examination. Just tells me that I am doing one hell of a job here at the clinic. Last time I saw Chad here he was complaining about some problems he was having with his throat but today was a different case. He was having some pains in his abdomen and really wanted me to check it out for him. I went through the regular physical, checking out his torso and lower abdomen for any signs of pain. I come to the conclusion he may have pulled something so to get a closer look I bring my face up to his dick and take the whole thing in my mouth. Immediately I can feel Chad begin to relax, after working his dick over with my mouth I tell the young stud I'm going to give him an anal examination. I begin to finger his hole as soon as he turns over and gets on all fours. His hard cock is rocking back and forth between his legs which I instinctively grab on to and begin to jerk off. I know I want to take this to the next level so I disrobe and take my rock hard pole and ram it up his ass which drives Chad wild. This kid was a born bottom. I tore that ass up as I drove my long thick dick deep into that hole. Chad was just backing up his ass to get as much of my cock as he could possibly get. Once Chad's hole was spent we decided to switch places as I did the surname "Topinbottom" proud. I gave it like a pro and now I was receiving it like a champ. Chad fucked me with all the energy he could muster up and boy did he have some stamina. After 5 minutes worth of his assault on my prostate I was shooting loads all over myself which Chad following right behind as he came all over my dick. Chad said he felt great after he came and I told him he could come to me any time.

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