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Jake wasn't just some boy walking into my clinic complaining about a hand injury. No this kid was one of the cutest boy with piercing eyes and crimson cock sucking lips you could every be lucky enough to lay your sights on. He was sitting on the examination table waiting for me to exam his wrist. I felt my cock twitch in my pants as I looked him up and down. After some background on his injury and pocking mixed in with a little prodding I concluded all he had was a bruised wrist. I sure as hell wasn't going to tell him that though, the doc is going to milk this sucker for he's worth. I told him he may need some x-rays which caused Jake to give me a look a worry. I told him that we could probably massage it out a bit to see if would could relieve some tension. Placing some numbing cream on his wrist I began working it out with my fingers. He gave me a sigh of relief and enjoyed the pleasure of me working his joints. I told him the next step before the x-ray would be to test out the reflexes in his arm. I began to take out my dick and placed his hand on my cock as he intensively began to jerk it back and forth. He silently stared into my eyes I he jerked me off, his cock rocking up and out in all its glory. I was definitely glad I caught me a live one as I could sense the lust building up inside of him. I bent over and engulfed his precumming cock, savoring the bead of jizz that was forming in his piss slit. I got off and told him the final step would help out with the pain in the best way possible. I placed a condom on his cock and had him get up as I leaned over the exam table. I shoved that cock so fast inside me I yelled out while I gripped on to the exam table. He was fucking me rough and hard like I have never been fucked before. He flipped me over having his balls slap my ass with every thrust. He was working up one hell of a sweat. He yanked his cock out of me and blew his load all over my chest. I was definitely interested in picking up this sample so I collected as much as I could.

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