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This hot boy Chase walks in complaining about his hard time getting an erection and how his cum is a little watery. All I could think was awesome this kid is going to whip out his cock and I could immediately get to work. Granted I wanted him to feel like he was in good hands so instead of just putting my mouth on his cock and going to town I went through the routine examination. I checked his heart, lungs, his reflexes and then got down to the really touchy feely stuff. I had my hands all over his chest and then worked them into his boxers. Everything felt fine so I had him get completely naked and god I almost fell backward. This kid was so sexy and was perfect from head to toe. I had him lay back down and told him he needed to give me a sperm sample so we could continue trying to identify what the really matter here. From what I could tell the boy was fine and it all could be in the mind. So I watched him work on his meat and then decided to go in for it. I stuffed his sausage into my willing mouth and worked my magic on his hardening cock. He was pretty surprised that the doc was actually going down on him but he quickly seemed down for the idea and just layed back and enjoyed the blowjob. Once he was fully hard as part of the experiment this kid was going to rail my ass. He got off the examination table as I leaned over it; Chase got behind me and inserted his bull cock into my tight ass. He rode me rough and deep which I sure as hell wasn't minding. I never felt so full before in my life and he was thrusting against my prostate which was about to make me cum. He was getting close so he pulled out of me, turned me around and came on my stomach and that cum looked nice and thick to me. I collected a sample of it and grinned at him knowing that it was my turn to unload.

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