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I was running on four hours of sleep, seeing patient after patient and had a ball sac that was filling up with the sexual pent up energy of the day. So you couldn't blame me for wanting to get a little more physical with the 6ft 2 stud that walked into my office. His name was Anthony and he was seeing me for a common sports exam for the basketball team. I'll admit I quickly went through the usual routine so that I could get this stud naked. I told him it was required that he get a prostate exam which he hesitantly agreed to. I had him on his back on the exam table and his legs on the stirrups. I put on my gloves and applied the lube then went to work on fingering his beautiful hole. I was plugging his hole with two fingers in no time and boy did this kid enjoy the rectal stimulation I was providing him. He was rubbing and pawing against his cock the whole time. I removed my finger and and told him I was going to place a rectal device to gage the homeostasis of his body. Actually it was an electric dildo and I honestly thought it he would like. As usual the doctor is never wrong and his ass just swallowed up the dildo and milked the fuck out of his prostate. I began to jack him off while he moaned and groaned and grinded his ass into the exam table. Watching all this was becoming a little too much to handle so I ripped off my clothes and shoved my hard cum leaking dick deep into Anthony's ass. He let out a deep groan and backed up harder into my cock while I thrusted away aiming toward his prostate. Soon I felt my balls rise and ready to unleash their load so I pulled out and blasted my jizz all over Anthony's balls. This must have sent him over the edge because right after he started to shoot one hot nut all over his stomach. Exhausted I patted him on the shoulder and told him he was fit for basketball and to come see me anytime.

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