Nurse Erik & Eli
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Today was one busy day for us here at the clinic. Dr. Phingerfuck was bouncing around from patient to patient and of course with so many boys on our hands the good doctor was getting backed up. Dr. Phingerfuck asked me to handle some of his patients for him which as a nurse still in training was a little more than I thought I could handle but when I walked in and saw Eli Michaels sitting there on the examination table I was ready for the challenge. He welcomed me with a warm smile as I introduced myself. I went about the examination; I asked him to remove his shirt as I checked out his heart and his lungs. I got to check his weight on the scale and at that point I had him basically naked. His body was tan and toned to perfection. I stared into his piercing blue eyes as I told him I was about to examine his genitals. God he had one beautiful cock on him, so I touched and felt around and then some primal lust took over and I decided I was going to suck on this kids dick, so help me. I asked him if it was okay for me to further examine his penis and once I got the go ahead I just landed my lips around that dick and sucked it for all it was worth. He was moaning and thrusting his cock deep into my mouth. I told him it was time for a prostate exam and that I would be using my dick to scope around inside him and he seemed cool with it. I had him get off the examination table and bend over. I lubed his ass up and slowly inserted my throbbing cock into him and started to fuck him like a horny dog. I pounded his ass good and Eli was moaning and asking me to go harder. We switched positions with him laying on the table with his legs up and his hole beginning to be filled. I rammed into him and fucking jack hammered his ass. Before I knew it I pulled out and soaked his body with my load. Now it was his turn to bust his nut.

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