Erick & Austin
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Only weeks into the nursing program and I'm already interning at the college clinic. I strolled into the clinic and was met with the smiling bright face of the strangely named Dr. Phingerfuck. "Hey Erick I'm glad to see you arrive here promptly, I'm going to get the next I mean patient but in the mean time if you could just put on this black nursing uniform." I nodded my head eagerly dismissing the Freudian slip, all too ready to get started. Minutes after I had already changed into the black attire in came Dr. Phingerfuck and his patient Austin. I had to admit Austin was a really cute guy. My height with a wrestler's body, piercing blue eyes, sun kissed hair and creamy pale skin. He hopped up on to the examination table as Dr. Phingerfuck began a medical inquisition. Checking Austin's heart rate, weight and reflexes; asking him if he was sexually active and addressing the dangers of smoking. He let me shadow him so I can get the swing of things. Touching lightly on Austin's skin and feeling around his strapping body was getting me hard. I was all too happy to see Dr. Phingerfuck ask Austin to remove all of his clothing. The sight of his cock made me precum in the nurses uniform. The good doctor had me grasp his dick and told me how I would exam it in and in the only way I could I showed them. I lowered my mouth on the boys dick, taking it deep down my throat. The young wrestler to be threw back his head in a groan while Dr. Phingerfuck started massaging his balls. I felt at any moment I was going to be slapped across the face awaked from some erotic daydream but it never happened. I kept sucking the cock with all the vigor I could muster. Dr. Phingerfuck left me and Austin to ourselves but I was lost in a frenzy on this guys cock to even really notice the Doc excuse himself. I was interchanging between sucking off his hot dick and jerking him off, I got him off the exam table and pressed my stomach against his as I reached around and started stroking his hard pole with one hand and feeling his body with the other. He took a quick breath and then I started to feel his cock pulsate. Streams of his seed were shooting out of his cock and covering the step in front of the examination table.

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