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Today on collegeboyphysicals I met Jordan. He is a new student that just moved to the campus and he is not feeling well and has some headaches and not sleeping well. This seems to be going around the campus but I think its due to the fact its mid-term exams before spring break. Many students are staying up doing reports and studying for there exams and this can be very stressful. Jordan is a hot smooth sexy straight boy that is 20 years old, stands 5'10 and weighs in at 137lbs. He seems to be very easy going and self-confident. I had him stand to remove his underwear and I began to examine his nice 6.5 inch cock and worked my way to his testicles. Jordan likes to keep his pubic hair natural but being a dirty blonde hair boy, his pubic hair was nicely cropped and his penis was perfect for his body type. After I worked over his penis I then visually inspected his anus. I then lubricated his anus with my finger and then thermometer. I inserted the thermometer into his anus keeping an eye on his tight hole. While I was waiting for the reading I was able to take a step back to admire Jordan's nice ass and low hanging scrotum. His sack moved ever so slightly from side to side as we conversed during this portion of the exam. Removing the thermometer, I had him turn around as I probed his anus with my finger. I kept on applying lubricant to my finger since Jordan has a really tight anus as I reached his prostrate and began to rub it with my lubed finger tip. I gave him a bit of assistance as I took my other hand and reach over to grab his semi-aroused penis as I stroked his cock to make it hard. I then instructed him to masturbate himself as I continued messaging his prostrate. I can feel the pressure in his prostrate as his cock got hard and was throbbing. I explained to him that by doing this procedure will help him sleep better and lower his stress levels which will help with his studies. I continued messaging as I can feel the build up of sperm and the throbbing got harder and his cock got fat and throbbing, he released jets of fresh cum spurting out spewing white cum stream after stream. Watch this hot scene with Doctor PhingerPhuk and new Patient Jordan.

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