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Today I was making sure to follow up that the new exam room was ready to open. I had one of the guys from the janitorial department clean the exam room and help with cleaning and preparing. His name is Chase and he is one of the janitors that work around the campus and although he looks young, he is actually 25 years old. He's been working with the college for a while and he is a cool guy and seems to keep to himself. Human Resources just hired a new janitor and his name is Koz. He just started and is new to the janitorial team and human resources sent him over to me to help clean up the exam room and to have Chase train him. Koz is down on his luck and after being unemployed for a while, the college hired him as part of the janitorial team. Koz also looks younger but is actually 23 years old and had a rough life. After I gave the two guys instructions, I left to get Koz's paperwork and his temporary badge and I would be back within 20-30 mins. As I left the two guys were cleaning and Chase started show him the ropes and train him correctly. Knowing Chase and how he checks out the boys on the campus I wouldn't be surprise that these two guys start messing around. I don't know if Chase is that kind of guy to mess around with other dudes, but I've seen him checking many of the hot boys on campus. Chase is a really cute bad boy with lots of tats with a nice smooth toned body. I don't know what his cock looks like but in the warmer months Chase only wears shorts and I can see he has a nice bulge and his cock swings in his shorts. Koz, is a Latino bad boy also very smooth body and very defined. Both Chase and Koz both look like they have had a rough life and they seem to be getting along as I left the room. Lets watch too see what happens next and to see if Chase makes his move in the privacy of the new exam room.

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