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Today is my second day on the job and I'm kind of getting the hang of it. My patient today is Nathaniel a hot Puerto Rican boy coming in for a sore throat. He waited a week figuring that it will go away, but it didn't. Today I have the pleasure examine this hot Latin boy. Doctor PhingerPhuk was busy today so he told me to examine him and give him the report. Since this is a college clinic, we get many interns and new nurses that graduated from nursing school. Since this is my first job out of nursing school, this is a great place to get experience. Nathaniel is 19 years old and is a new patient to this clinic. I started out by checking his ears, eyes, nose and throat. I can tell his throat was red and a bit sore. I had him remove his shirt and I listen to his heart and lungs. Lucky for him it didn't turn out to be bruchinitic. I him remove his pants so I can properly weigh him. Nathaniel weighed in at 136lbs. He wanted to put back his clothes, but I told him not to and he was a bit freaked out when I told him we take the temperature here via the rectum. He was a bit tense and he didn't like getting his temperature taken this way. After I took his temperature I instructed him to be nude, but he really didn't want to be nude. Dr. PhingerPhuk had told me that there will be some patients like this, but to ignore them and continue with the exam as I was told. I simply slipped his cock into my mouth and started sucking his cock. Nathaniel was a bit taken back by this but once I placed my warm mouth around his soft cock and it started to grow, he relaxed a bit and started to enjoy the feeling he got when I was sucking his cock. Matter of fact, his cock grew huge. He must be like 9.5 inches and thick and his cock kept on growing. Then I told him we had to check his prostrate and I had him move into position. He didn't think it was necessary but since he got a taste of the oral, he agreed to getting his prostrate messaged. His hole was very tight so I am assuming he's never had anything up his hole before. If the anal thermometer was tight I can't imagine what my finger will feel like for him. As I inserted my lubed finger into his tight hole, to my amazement, Nathaniel got really hard and I continued sucking and stroking his cock. I don't think Nathaniel ever had this type of exam. Watch happens next as the hot exam continues to play out!

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