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Ramon is a new student that has just arrived on campus. He's trying out for the swim team. He's 5'7 and 135 pounds, he has a nice smooth twink Latino body. I entered the exam room today for his first visit. He seems calm and collective now but lets wait until I start with the exam. Ramon has a nice toned smooth body. I started out the exam as I normally do by checking his ears, eyes, nose and throat. I took the time to listen to his heart as I noted his condition on his medical chart. I then proceeded to take his temperature and we do things the old fashion way and take temperature via the rectum. He turned around and placed his ass up and spread his butt apart waiting for the thermometer to enter his rectum. I lubed up the thermometer and slid the rectum into his juicy asshole. After I took his temperature I thought this would be a great time to inspect his prostrate. I had him remain in place as I inserted my lubed finger into his rectum. Ramon moan a bit as I felt around his prostrate and with my other hand, I stroked his cock making him hard. I can feel is prostrate and his penis pulse at the same time as he continued to moan as I massaged both of his sensitive spots. I had him turn around and then I palpated his chest and abdomen my finger tips as I tapped the various areas of his body indicating I was examining solid muscle and not layers of fat. As my hands roamed further down his body, I examined the penis (stretching, palpating, squeezing the tip) and then his scrotum (feeling each individual testis, running my finger tips over the skin and noted the smooth oval shape of each). I then asked Ramon to spread his legs wide, this gave me free access to introduce him to some more prostrate tools so I can examine his anus much deeper. I lubricated the instrument and buried deep it within his rectum. His eyes became wide as I applied pressure to his prostate upon insertion. He moan and groaned as I completely manhandled his genitals and administered a deep prostrate exam. I noticed some pre-cum as dripping from his penis...watch what happens next as this exam turns even more devious!

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