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Today's new patient is Trevor. A 19 year old soccer playing jock coming in for a sports physical. I had him remove his shirt and Trevor has a really hot toned smooth body. One of our hotter patients. I was doing the normal exam checking his heart and blood pressure, reflexes and looking at his nose, ears and throat. Trevor also weighs in at 151lbs and has a height of 5'11". Everything seems to be normal. Now being in just his underwear, I started to palpate his abdomen and started to work my way down his pubic area. I lowered the exam table and continued checking out his body feeling around his tight abs and I couldn't help noticing his bulge in his undies. The best part of giving the sports physicals is when I have to have the hot jock boys remove there undies and I get to check there nutsac and cock. Many of these jocks have a really nice cock and I love to handle it and feel around there cock and make them get hard. Trevor had a really nice cock so I took my time to thoroughly examine his genitals and I noticed that he was starting to get aroused and his penis started getting erect. Trevor had a perfect cock so I measured his cock for our records and noted that he is 8.5 inches by 5 inches thick! I didn't want to leave Trevor with his erect penis and him being in the state he was in so I started to slowly stroke his cock and he become super hard as I felt his cock pulsate in my hands. I lubed up my hands and continued stroking his cock as he laid there feeling my hands wrapped around his perfect cock. His breathing got a bit heavier and I knew he was enjoying the handjob I was giving him. His body started tensing up some as I was steady stroking his cock and feeling his tight nutsac as I was awaiting him to blow his jock load. As I stroked his cock hard and a steady pace, he couldn't help holding on and started spurting his jock juice out of his cock. His cock head expanded and spurts of white pearly cream was shooting out of his piss slit. I passed him for his sports exam and I hope to see Trevor once again.

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