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The college has now decided to introduce sports massages to the athletic department and they decided to have the medical staff do the massages on many of the athletes to prepare them for the games. Today I had scheduled Keith to be our first athlete to have his first massage. Keith is on the baseball team and we first met when he came into our clinic for his sports physical and other issues he has had so I'm very familiar with Keith. He is the boy next door type with a nice toned body and a nice cock. I had Keith undress and prepared him for his massage. He laid down on the massage table on his stomach as I applied some soothing cream and started to work and rub his tense shoulders moving my hands down his back exposing his nice round ass. Keith has a really hot ass and I made sure to rub his buttocks and stretch his hole. I decided to insert my finger into his tight hole and loosen him up. By applying pressure in the anal cavity relaxes many young guys before playing sports. As I worked his tight hole, I then inserted a metal sound into his rectum sliding it in & out. I then inserted another sound to see how much his hole can handle the sounds. I kept the two sounds in his tight hole and introduced a personal vibrating massager and worked his back and vibrated every muscle on his back working my way down his taint area and on his tight hole. While I was doing this, I fondled his ball sack and was playing with his cock that was getting hard. It was now time to turn him over and massage his front side of his body. I applied my massaging oil on his body and I worked my hands down his pubic area massaging his cock and balls taking his dick in my hands and stroking up & down making him super hard. I wanted to see what happens if I applied the massager onto his dick and if that would have any affect on his growing cock. I turned on the massager and started teasing his cock with the device and it was teasing his cock as I place the vibrating massager onto the most sensitive part of his penis which was driving him crazy. His dick got super hard and he was ready to blow his load, but I held onto the base of his cock and teased his dick some more before putting up the vibration. He was unable to withstand the teasing so I stroked his cock and he started bucking his hips and he busted his load all over my hands and onto his stomach as spurt after spurt exploded. I think I'm going to like having the medical staff doing massages on the various sports teams and seeing all these hot boys nude and having my way with them.

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