Keith's Deep Anal Exam
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I was very surprised to see Keith sitting in my waiting room. Based on my records, I had him scheduled later this week for a sports massage. The college is cutting cost and having the doctors here in the clinic give sports massages to the jocks on campus before there big game. When I saw Keith in my exam room, I thought he thought that his sports massage was today. I was wrong. He was there because he had an upset stomach and he hadn't moved his bowels in several days. I had to run out of the exam room so I instructed him to get undress, take a seat on the exam table and wait. I was only gone for a few moments, but as I returned I see one of my favorite college students waiting for there exam. Keith is super cute, boy next door type guy and a bit rough around the edges. He is a return patient that we have seen before at the clinic but this time having issues with his stomach and bowels. I immediately had him lay down and I listen to his lower abdomen area and I felt around his lower stomach and abdomen. I can feel he was bloated and need a thorough exam. I lifted his legs onto the stirrups and had him spread his legs wide open as I placed my rubber glove on and inserted my lubed finger into his tight ass. Keith was super tight as I inserted my finger into his hole and I pressed onto his prostrate making him semi-hard. I took my finger and gently rubbed and pressed against his prostrate. I think he enjoyed it as he gasped for a moment and he played with his cock. I can tell he was getting hard, but I didn't want him to cum so I took my finger out. I wanted to see what is going on with his anus so I lubed up the speculum and inserted the metal speculum into his tight hole. As I examined his anal cavity, I notice his problem was more then I imagined and I think it was because of stress that made his anus very tight. I took out the speculum and decided to give him a good anal massage. I then inserted a massaging anal probe that loosen him up. I noticed that pre-cum was dripping from the head of his cock and the fluids so I took his cock into my other had and stroked it ever so gently. After I massaged his anus, I then took a deeper probe and inserted into as anal cavity to take a much deeper look. I lubed up and inserted this foot long speculum slowly pushed it into his now loosed and relaxed hole. I had some fun and fucked him for a bit with the foot long probe. Once securely in and I had enough fun abusing his ass, I looked inside and a much deeper probe and notice that he was a bit more relaxed. I removed the probe and replaced it with the Eros prostrate massage and had him get more comfortable on the exam table and to help his stress, I inserted the Eros device and stroked his cock. Jerking off is one of the best ways to relieve stress and to relax. I stoked his cock and teased his anal hole. His cock grew and got really hard. I can tell he was about to blow his load and with a few strokes, his cum busted out and loads of cum was spurting out of his cock. After this exam, my patient was definitely relaxed and ready to play ball again.

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