Dr. Cox & Jared
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Hi! My name is Doctor Coxs and today is my first day here working in the clinic. I'm a new medical doctor doing my internship and Dr. PhingerPhuk assigned me to take care of some of the simple problems that some of the college students are having. Today I am taking care of Jared and he seems to have issues with his wrist. As I spoke to him further, he seem to have what many people suffer is carpal tunnel syndrome. This is common with lots of people when they type and/or write a lot. Jared seems to be a very cute hot guy jock type boy. Dr.PhingerPhuk has told me to make sure I give each patient a very thorough exam. I wasn't sure what that means but based on some of the crazy stories I heard from Nurse Cindy, it seems that this clinic really does things different and can get away with it. I had all the confidence in the world that I was able to work in the this clinic and learn as much as I possibly can and then move on to my own private practice or to work in a large hospital. Its been a while since Jared has been to a doctors office and had an exam. Since he's a new patient, I told him we needed to give him a thorough exam. I kind of hesitated a bit but didn't refuse. Most patients that haven't had an exam before, seem to be okay with having a full exam completed on them. Its a great way to find out what really is causing problems. Jared is 21 years old, plays sports and sort of a jock type boy. I think he felt comfortable with me at first since I'm younger I had a certain connection to Jared. I started to examine him and doing the normal exam but once I asked him to start taking off his clothes he found it odd that he was having this type of exam. He was a bit hesitant at first but I convinced him its all part of the exam and we are very professional. As he took off his clothes, Jared seem to have a really hot body. I did notice he does work out and he had a nice chest and a really hot buttocks. I had him bend over to take his temperature and again he found it odd to have is temperature taken via the anus. But he sure did have a hot ass but I didn't have the nerve to go beyond taking his temp. Since I'm new, I wanted to make sure I was not overstepping my boundaries. I finally had him laying nude on the exam table as I then looked at his wrist and I couldn't get my eyes off his cock. I kind of asked him about his wrist and if he really hurt his wrist from typing. As I explained to him about certain medical procedures and was stroking his cock. I lowered the exam table and took his penis into my hands and stroked his 8 inch cock. I can feel him starting to relax as I inserted his penis into my mouth as I was servicing him and taking his mind off his wrist. Jared had a really nice cock and as I sucked more in it, it twitched within my mouth and pulsated and throbbed as I continued teasing his cock with my tongue. I can tell he was about to cum as I continued stroking and sucking his cock. He was making me really horned up, but I continued to stroke his cock. He exploded his cum as I stroked his cock. I then went back and decided to check his wrist one more time. He indicated that it felt a bit better, but I wanted to make sure. I had Jared test his wrist on my cock and watch what happens next......

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