Jason & Mick
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It has come to our attention that the student that works part-time in our clinic doing some cleaning work, has been doing a bit more then just cleaning these days. I was out of the office and it was late. I was told that Mick stopped by the clinic because his leg/knee was hurting him badly and he couldn't wait for the specialist so he rushed over to the clinic. What I understand was that Jason, the guy that cleans our clinic at night, told Mick to sit on the exam table and started speaking to him about his leg and tried to help in out. Jason somehow convinced Mick to take off his pants so he can check out his leg and told Mick that he can help. Mick was so innocent believes Jason and proceeded to take off his pants. Mick at this point was on the exam table wearing only his t-shirt and tighty whities while Jason took out the rubber hammer to test Micks knee. He tested his knee and Mick was in pain. Mick then picks up a test bottle that contains a certain aroma that can knock you out. Jason claims he warned Mick not to touch anything but Mick ignored him and took a small sniff of the aroma. Jason then took the bottle away from him telling him not to sniff anymore of the aroma that it can be dangerous. I was told at that moment, Mick start to become dizzy, his pain was going away and he was passing out but he was still very aware of his surroundings. I was told this is when Jason tried to be sneaky and felt Micks bulge through his underwear but Mick was not having it and told him not to do it anymore and removed Jasons hand from his groin area. Mick proceeded to pick up the bottle again and take another sniff since it helped with his pain. This time he took a bigger sniff but Jason let him do it. Mick tells me at this point Jason grabbed his cock again and started removing his undies and started sucking his cock. Jason claims that Mick enjoyed it and that he didn't mind having his cock sucked and that it felt really good. Jason then made Mick get on the floor and had him suck his cock. He was a bit oozy and was dizzy from the aroma but kept on sniffing it and Jason let him continue. Mick didn't realize what was happening to him because Jason bent him over the exam table and lubed up his tight hole and then placed on a condom and started inserting his big cock into Mick's virgin asshole. Mick had a really tight ass as Jason was taking his time inserting his cock into his hole. Jason encouraged him to sniff more of the aroma and as he sniffed more the easier it was for Jason to fuck Micks tight ass then turning him over and fucking him some more. Jason couldn't hold out any longer and after fucking Micks tight hole, Jason removed his condom and squirted his cum all over Micks body. Mick was jerking off the whole time and then he shot his cum and then passing out. Jason took this opportunity to put on his clothes and quickly leaving Mick there sleeping on the exam table and this is where I found him the next morning and figuring out what happen.

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