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Justin is our newest patient and he's coming in with a hurt ankle from running on the track team. Justin hasn't been to the doctors for sometime and his medical records have to be updated. I decided to take this opportunity to do a complete exam on him so I can update his records and its always good to have a complete exam. Justin is a cute 18 year old who is 6" tall and weighs 150lbs. I started checking his heart and doing his normal exam. He seemed to be a very healthy young man in the prime of his youth. After finishing the normal routine exam it was time to check his genitals. All the guys that play sports we need to make sure to examine there genitals very thoroughly and Justin is no exception. I had him remove his running spandex shorts and I rolled his penis in my hands checking for abnormalities as I was feeling his penis growing in my hands. This happens often to these hot college boys. I had him stand again and did the "cough" test on him and I continued to examine his penis and his scrotum. While he was standing, I had Justin turn around and I checked his spine and had him bent over as I checked his anal cavity then he returned back on sitting down on the exam table as I examined his hurt ankle. The took his time and continued looking at Justin's ankle but then he told Justin that there is a simple solution to his problems when his feet hurt, its best to play with your penis and I showed him want I meant. I had Justin lean back on the exam table as I took hold of his genitals once again and I stroked his cock. This will help him by taking his mind off his ankle and transfer the pain with pleasure. I jerked off Justin as his dick was getting super hard and really enjoying my hand wrapped around his hard cock. I told Justin to jerk his own dick as I messaged his foot and ankle to help with the transferring of his pain. After I messaged his foot & ankle a bit more, I took a hold of his cock and started stroking his 18 year old cock once again and then I had him take over as I went back to his foot & ankle to make sure his pain was going away. It seems his foot was getting better but Justin was stroking away and ready to cum so I decided to feel his testicles and palpate his lower abdomen as Justin stroked his cock, he blew his load and I was very impressed so I told him about our sperm drive and that he can earn up to $100 and we made our next appointment for him to arrive next week. Watch what happens when Dr. PhingerPhuk double books two patients at a time for the sperm drive!

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