Professor Cummings
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Today in the clinic I was checking over some charts when the door open and I see its Professor Cummings. Mr. Cummings is our dance teacher here on the campus and teaches dance to many of the students here on campus. I heard a lot about him, but never really got to know him until now. Mr. Cummings came barging into the exam room without an appointment and it seems to be an emergency and he's hurting awfully bad. I asked him what is wrong and he pulled a muscle in the groin area while teaching one of his dance classes. It hurt so much he hobbled in pain to the clinic to see me. Mr. Cummings is one of our younger professors on campus. He is 27 years old, in good shape and a nice toned body and strong legs. I had him get onto the exam table and I told him that we will first listen to his heart and just do a very basic quick check up. I wanted to make sure that nothing else was wrong with him before I start checking over his groin problem. Once I got him to remove his pants and undies I notice that Professor Cummings had a really hot body and nice cock! I place on my gloves and felt around the area he was complaining about. I rubbed the area and used a warming massage oil to work the tense muscle and to relieve the pain. I gently massaged the tender area and before I knew it, my hands were stroking his cock and feeling his balls as Professor Cummings started getting hard and his cock was growing harder and harder as I was stroking his cock and feeling his nuts, I was really transferring the pain away. It felt really good playing with his cock and massaging his tender area. As I was massaging his tender area and rubbing his cock & balls, I continued to be so daring and starting lubing my finger with more oil as I worked my way down and between his legs, my finger innocently started rubbing his anal area as I gently pushed my index finger into his tight anal hole. With his hard cock in one hand and my other hand fingering his tight hole, Professor Cummings was really enjoying this exam. I put my finger deep into his anal cavity as I hit and started massaging his prostrate. As I worked his prostrate over, I had the professor stroke his own cock for a while as I plunged deeper into his anus. I wanted to exam his hole deeper so I had him get on all fours on the exam table keeping his ass up in the air as I stroked his cock and plunged my finger deeper into his anal cavity and teasing his sensitive prostrate as I jerked him off and spanked his tight ass cheeks. Professor Cummings become my patient bitch boy and submitted his body to me so I can completely examine him and hopefully transfer the pain away from his original pain. I have him turn over again and place his legs into the stirrups so I had full view of his tight hole. I asked Professor Cummings to stroke his cock for me as I continued to work his tight asshole and loosen him up a bit. I was teasing and pushing my finger onto his prostrate and I can tell the professor was going to blow his load at any moment. I instructed him to keep up the pace of masturbating himself as I probed deeper into his anal cavity and pushed my index finger upwards onto his prostrate as I felt his ass muscles clinch down on my finger, he was about to explode shooting his sperm everywhere onto his body as I felt his muscle pulse as his climax reached its highest peak and then his muscles loosen up and I pulled my finger out of his tight hole and he was very realized and very well on his way to a proper recovery!

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