Nurse Rage & Marlin
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I was a bit nervous seeing my first patient. Dr.Phingerfuk told me there is a patient in the exam room with an ADHD issue and that I should check him out. I just got out of school with my Nursing degree and I also have my degree in Physical Therapy and this is my first patient and my first day here in this clinic. I wasn't sure what to do when I entered the exam room but I was prepared to deal with my very first patient for the day. I was taught in school to always introduce myself to the patient so I just followed what I learned over the years of going to nursing school. My patients name is Marlin. He was kind of cute. I had his chart in front of me so I had his records and he explained to me that he has ADHD and has issue's focusing and keeping his mind on certain tasks. I figured I would start by giving him a simple exam to make sure he is healthy. I asked him to remove his shirt so I can listen to his heart rate and had him breath in & out while I listen to his heart and lungs. I was getting comfortable examining him and I was getting kind of turned on once he took off his shirt. I was keeping my composure while I was checking his heart and taking his blood pressure. After I took his weight, it was time to feel around his abdomen and feel around his pubic area. When I felt his pubic area, I brushed my hands around the base of his cock and I had a feeling this boy was packing. I kept on doing the exam thinking how I can get his number or ask him out on a date and I had some trouble focusing when I asked him to remove his undies and I actually got to see his penis. Matter of fact it wasn't just a penis but a large cock and I liked what I saw and I couldn't wait to feel it and examine his cock and feel his cock grow in my hands. As I examined his dick, it was growing and getting harder. I took my time since I enjoyed Marlins big cock but then I told him I was going to examine his cock even closer and I placed his cock into my mouth. His cock grew and it must have been at least 8 inches and I kept on sucking it enjoying every moment of his cock. Marlin liked my dick sucking skills and I started enjoying my first day on the job as I took his cock into my mouth and swirled my tongue around his cock head. I figured this would be the best way for Marlin to focus and get his mind off his ADHD issues. Although Dr.Phingerfuk never told me to do this, he just told me to introduce him to this new jacking device he invented and show Marlin how to use it. I never thought I would be kissing him and sucking his cock. I got so involved with the dick sucking I totally forgot about Dr.Phingerfuk dick apparatus. I took the apparatus out of the draw and placed it on Marlins cock to show him how to use it and I think by his reactions, he loved this new toy and it really helped him focus and get his mind off of his ADHD issue. His cock looked so hot and I couldn't resist so I had to suck his cock again. I took off the focusing apparatus and continued sucking and stroking his cock. I knew at this point I couldn't send him home in the condition he was in so I continued to stroke his cock and made him cum. I love boys cum as his cock got super hard and his cum started spurting out cum as I kept on stroking, I made sure to get every drop of cum out of him before sending him on his way.

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