Mike And Dr. Cooper
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I'm starting a new study today so I asked one of the local doctors to help me with my research. Dr. Cooper is a young intern that works in the local hospital and he stopped by the clinic to help out. The research we are conducting is to figure out why straight guys have sex with gay guys. In recent years I have seen many young college guys having sex and experimenting with the same sex but yet they consider themselves straight and not gay. Being in my mid 40's I am very surprised how the younger generation is so open about sex and experimenting with the same sex. In my day this would never happen, but today, it seems to be common place and acceptable. I placed an AD in the local college newspaper asking for candidates to be part of this experiment. The first student is a boy named Mike Robbins. Mike has admitted that he's been with guys before and considers himself gay for pay and he's been doing a lot of porn to earn money just by having sex with another guy. I was very interested and had him come by the clinic for research. I ran down the particulars and details with Dr. Cooper and we called in our first patient, Mike Robbins. Mike entered the room a bit concerned and not knowing what he was going to expect. I started off doing a simple example and making sure that he was healthy and then I had Doctor Cooper go over some questions to find out why Mike considers himself "gay for pay" and has sex with guys for money. We asked Mike to get undressed as I examined him penis and Dr. Cooper continued with the questions. As I was examining his penis, it started growing and get hard. I then asked Dr. Cooper to please remove his clothes and perhaps that will help Mike get more aroused. Dr. Cooper being a younger guy and works out, I wondered if this had any effect on Mike. I noticed that once Dr.Cooper removed his clothes and was completely nude, Mike's cock kept on growing and getting harder. I continued with my experiment and had Dr. Cooper do an oral exam and as I held onto Mike's now hard cock, Dr.Cooper leaned over and started sucking the head of Mike's enlarged glan. Mike instantly got hard and his cock kept on growing as Dr.Cooper started sucking on his dick and I held onto Mike's cock. I made some notes and listen to Mike's heart-beat to make sure his vital signs were okay. Nothing was out of the ordinary and his reaction to Dr.Coopers moist mouth as normal for a guy of Mike's age. I instructed Dr.Cooper to continue sucking as I held the base of Mike's cock and fondled his balls and feeling around his taint. Mike was really feeling good and enjoying this experiment. You have to watch what comes up next as you don't want to miss this hot experiment with Dr.Cooper and Patient Mike with assistant by Dr. PhingerPhuk!

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