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Hi, I'm Dr. Bottoms and I'm new here in the clinic. I didn't have a chance to speak with Dr.Phingerphuk or Dr.Dick and I was thrown right into examining my first patient Zakk. I was very surprised to my first patient Zakk. He was super hot looking and I couldn't wait to feast my eyes onto his body and start examining his cock. Zakk is joining the swim team and needed a sports physical which is something I have a lot of experience in doing. I was trying to keep my composure when examining Zakk since he was so hot and I was happy to see that this clinic gets some really hot guys. I did the normal exam and Zakk was completely healthy. I heard a lot of crazy things happen here in this clinic so I figured I would push the limits and see how far I can get without getting into any trouble. Since I'm new, I didn't want to over step my position as one of the newer doctors so once I had Zakk do his "stand up and cough" test and I felt his testicles. I started sucking his hot hung cock. Zakk has one of the nicest cocks as I placed it into my mouth and sucked on it, I felt it get hard and warm as I slid my tongue over his dick head and his shaft. I was gettin super hard and horny and I had Zakk suck my cock for a while so I can test his throat muscles. Zakk not only has a great body and cock, he is some cocksucker as well and I can tell he sucked some cock before. I really liked how he pressed his lips onto my shaft and took my cock down his throat and how his warm silky mouth felt as he sucked my cock. I decided to lay onto the exam table and let Zakk continue sucking my cock but I was so excited that I jerked off and came on myself. Zakk thought the exam was over, until I told him to get back onto the exam table so I can finish him off. Zakk was super hard and his cock slid right into my mouth and I enjoyed sucking his cock and stroking his dick. His cock was throbbing really bad and I knew at any moment he was about to burst. I stroked his cock and I loved how Zakk grabbed my muscular toned arm as I applied more pressure to his thick cock I was able to feel the throbbing and his stomach tighten as the first blast of cum started spurting out. I continued to stroke his cock as he moaned as more cum was spurting and drooling onto his toned stomach and onto my hand. I passed Zakk for his physical and if this a sign of what is to come here at my new job, I'm super excited to get started and examining all these new hot boys! I have to meet with the other doctors I understand they are starting a new study and they brought in another new doctor, so I can't wait to see what this clinic is all about and learning more about my new job!

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