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This was my first day starting at the clinic. When I arrive it was really busy so I didn't have a chance to meet any of the other doctors. Nurse Cindy told me to go into exam room number 5 and there was a patient waiting for me. As I entered the room, I notice a young cut guy sitting and waiting for me to enter. His name is Matthew complaining about a lower back problem that he's been having. Matthew is a cute 19 year old country boy weighing in at 152lbs, that seems to be very healthy and normal for his age group. After doing all the normal exam, I had him lay down on the exam table and felt around his stomach and lower abdomen and then had him lower his under and I finally got to see him naked. Matthew had a really nice body, smooth with nice blue eyes and blond hair and a really nice cock that was semi-hard as I was examining him. I notice he was hard so I took it upon myself to examine him a bit closer as I stroked his cock and placed it into my mouth, his cock grew hard and stiff as I continued socking from the base up to the tip of his cockhead. I normally don't play around with my patients and I respect them as patients, but I heard lots of rumors from the other clinics around town that this sort of thing is allowed at this particular clinic. I've also heard there is a lot of crazy experimenting going around here in this clinic headed by Dr. Dick and Dr. PhingerPhuk and they allow the new doctors to experiment as well. Although I haven't formerly met either doctor, I understand they are experts when dealing with these type of exams. I couldn't help myself and was so excited that I, as a doctor, can finally give my patients the exam they deserve and I was really loving Matthews cock. His dick was very sensitive and I can tell he was ready to blow so I took my time when licking his cockhead and feeling his balls. I was teasing him with my moist tongue as I ran my tongue around his throbbing cockhead and felt his mushroom head expand and twitch as I hit his sensitive spot with my tongue. I grabbed his cock and stroked it up and down and continued sucking his cock. Matthew was really enjoying this exam and he couldn't hold on any longer, as I was stroking and sucking his cock, he tensed up and released his cum. I stroked his cock as his cum was drooling out of his cockhead then spurting out a few ropes of cum landing on his stomach and oozing onto my hand. His warm cum felt so good and the feeling of his cock exploding in my hand really turned me on but I kept my professionalism and wasn't sure what to do. So I checked his back for any pain and told to make a follow-up appointment. In the meanwhile I had to clean up and prepare for my next patient Zakk that seems to be a really hot boy. I don't think I will be able to control myself with my next patient coming up soon!

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