Group Sperm Donation
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Today a group of boys stop by the clinic wanting to collect $100 for donating their sperm for our first annual sperm donation. Each boy picked up a flyer and was waiting in the waiting area. I entered the waiting room, and I see three hot boys waiting to give up there sperm. I didn't expect so many boys to arrive all at once so I asked them to come back into the exam room. I had Rex, Parker and Ryan go into the exam room and I explain to them the procedures and gave them more details regarding the sperm drive and how they were able to collect the $100. The boys were kind of freaked out. They thought they were going to be in private exam rooms but the doctor had other ideas. The boys were very hesitant about undressing and getting nude in front of each other. The doc took each student one at a time. Parker was the first to get weighed as Rex was bending over getting a thermometer inserted a into his tight ass. As Rex was waiting, the doc then weighed Parker and then checked Parker's heart. Rex in the mean time was waiting for the doc to pull the thermometer out of his ass as Ryan was waiting his turn. Rex finally got the thermometer out of his ass and was instructed get weighed as the the doctor then inserted the thermometer inside Parker's ass. The Doc was taking all the boys vital and doing a quick routine check up on all three boys. Each boy was listening to the doctors instructions as he continued checking there vital signs. I asked the boys to remove there undies and again, they were a bit freaked out. They wanted to earn $100 so they are going to do it my way or they don't get the $100. I had each boy bend over the exam table as I checked there ass holes. I then had to break the news to the boys they have to jerk off together and this is where it really starts heating up. I couldn't wait to see these boys pop there nut as I collected each of the boys sperm. As each boy were stroking there cocks, I touched each boy feeling there smooth toned bodies and tight asses. I then helped myself and assisted Rex and I took the base of his hard throbbing cock and pumped his cock in my hands. His cock was hard and warm and I felt it get harder as it twitched in the palm of my hands. After Rex, I moved towards Parker as I grabbed his huge uncut cock and to my surprise Rex starting sucking on his nipple and then both Rex and Parker grabbed each others cocks and started stroking. I want to Ryan. Ryan is a really hot cute by that I was rubbing his soft body against mine which each boy was rock hard and ready to bust a nut. It was so hot and sexually exciting for me, I took off my shirt and continue to assist the boys. My job is really cool as I get to see so many hot guys and stroke and suck there cocks. Watch to see what happens next as this scene really starts to sizzle as I collect the sperm of three of the hottest boys I examined thus so far.

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