Ashtyn & Chino
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I just completed examining two hot new boys and I'm about to go off and do another exam. I was just finishing up there paperwork to hand to nurse Cindy and I couldn't help but think and fantasize about Ashyton and Chino and if I would leave these two boys in the exam room alone what would happen? I started thinking and my fantasy along with my dirty mind started working....just imagine these two hot boys in the exam room...hmm. My fantasy started with Ashyton sitting on the exam table and Chino sitting on the blue chair. Both boys are waiting for me to enter the room and as they waited, they started talking and one thing lead to another. Ashyton was telling Chino that he's waiting for the doctor because his knee hurts and Chino told Ashyton that he knows a little bit about physical therapy and then stood up and started messaging and feeling Ashyton's foot working his hands up Ashytons shorts feeling his bulge. Chino then unbuttons his shorts. I can imagine Ashyton's smooth toned body wearing those hot tighty whities forming around his tight ass and displaying his bulge and hard on as Chino groped Ashyton's bulge feeling his hard cock in his hand. Chino then removes Ashyton's undies dropping to the floor, and examining and stroking Ashyton's hard cock. Chino pushes Ashyton and makes his sit on the exam table. My fantasy was now running wild as I couldn't help but to imagine Chino sucking on Ashyton's cock. I can see Chino starting with the head of the cock and teasing Ashyton's cockhead and then taking his cock deep throating it then slowly raising his head as he sucks upwards on Ashyton's hot cock. I would imagine that Chino is hard at this time and makes Ashyton sucks his cock and they both take turns sucking each others cocks. This time I see Ashyton sucking skillfully on Chinos huge uncut cock. Ashyton not only sucks the cock, but jerks off Chino teasing his uncut cock with his tongue. The two boys stand up and start kissing as the passion between them grow. My mind is really deep now in thought as I picture one boy getting down on his knees while the other boy face fucks. Watch what happens next as my own dirty fantasy continues in this hot scene between Ashyton and Chino.

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