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It was another usual day in the clinic. In the waiting room was another patient that came in for the sperm donation. Its our first annual sperm donation that male students can come into our office and we pay them $100 for just donating there sperm. My first patient was Perry. A handsome young man, age 21 a bit on the rough side very manly looking and mature for his age. He looked fit and he had a really nice butt. I had Perry sit on the exam table and started the normal routine exam. Since Perry was in for just the sperm sample, this would be an easy exam. I took his vitals and he was a healthy young fit man. I had him take off his clothes and I weighed him and for his size he was again normal. He did work out and have a very nice toned body. Once back on the exam table, I felt Perry's lower abdomen for any abnormalities and everything seem to be in working order. I had him remove his undies and that is when I noticed that Perry had a very bad rash between his legs. I inspected his rash to make sure it wasn't something more serious but it was just a heat rash common with males. His skin was sensitive to the heat and that is a very common area for those that get heat rashes. I continued to inspect his body and his skin was free of all rashes. I took some medicated cream and rubbed it on the rash hoping that would help. I then proceeded to take his temperature with the anal thermometer and his temp was a bit high, but nothing to worry about. After his temperature taking, I then inspected his prostates. I lubed up my latex finger and slowly inserted my finger into his extremely tight ass. He took it like a champ and didn't even blink an eye as I inserted my finger into his tight ass. I know this boy doesn't get much anal play due to the tightness of his anal cavity. I messaged his prostrate and I noticed that the only reaction I did get was his dick was getting hard. This is normal and it happens to many young men of his age. The prostrate is very sensitive to some males and when rubbed for a very long time, it can produce a sperm sample without the patient having an orgasm. Once his dick was hard, I then told him we are going to take the sperm sample and I applied lube onto my hands and stroked his cock. I kept on stroking but he was much more comfortable stroking his own cock. I had him stand and I stroked his cock and he was stroking his cock and then he jumped back onto the exam table and stroked himself off. I listen to his heart as he got closer and I kept the sample dish nearby to catch the cum. He stroked his cock from the base to the head with continued strokes and the motion was making his cock harder. I can tell by his look and his breathing he was getting close. His dick head plumped up and throbbed as the first squirts of cum started to edge out of his cock with the firs spurt popping out and hitting the sample dish, then two more squirts and then a few more and then the rest of his cum just drooled out as I caught the last drops of his boy juice into the sample dish. I told him to get dressed, and I will prepare his money and reminded him about his rash and off he went. I hope to see this lovely boy again and perhaps we can continue with another exam.

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