Parker Electro Exam
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Parker returned because he was recommended by Dr. Topinbotom and Dr. James to see Dr. Dick who is a specialist in the area of hernias in the genital region. Parker is still in pain and since he's been here before we cut to the chase and Dr. James gives me the summary of why he's back and all his vitals. I asked the patient to take off his shirt and I quickly listen to his heart and I had the patient lay down on the exam table as I examined his lower abdomin as Dr. James looked on. I asked Dr. James to unbutton his jeans as I placed on my gloves to further examine is genitals. As I felt around, everything seems normal. I asked Parker to stand up and remove his pants and undies as I examined his penis. Parker has a really hot body but most of all he had a really nice dick and I was taking my time in feeling his penis and thoroughly examining his dick. Both Dr. James and I kept on fondling his penis and taking turns holding it and feeling his dick. The patient started getting hard which is normal for a guy his age and having both Doctors feeling his cock. As he was getting hard I stroked his cock and instructed Dr. James to suck his cock as I observed the patient. This also gave me an opportunity to work with our new intern Dr. James and how he picked up his new examining skills. Both our patient and Dr.James were doing great. Dr.James continued sucking Parkers cock as I held the base and instructed my new intern to continue to suck. Parker was super hard at this point so I decided to take out the electrostimulation device and to hook it up to Parker. Once attached, I started the thearpy slowly and instructing Dr.James in the art of electrostimulation. As the current was increasing our patient felt a slow tingly feel of stimulation being applied to his cock. Many guys are freaked out about this procedure but what it does is teases the cock to give us a harder, stronger ejaculation. I set up the machine and I left Dr. James and patient Parker alone in the room. I had to leave to check on other patients and I told Dr.James I will return. Once I was gone, Dr.James continued to suck Parkers hard, hot cock as the stimulation from the device was working and teasing his cock. Our patient was rock hard and enjoying every moment of this sadisctic type teasing he was recieving in the clinic today. I returned to see Dr.James and Parker really hot and heavy and I knew it was time to bring our patient to orgasm and to get a sperm sample from his cock. As the electro kept on teasing him, I stroked his cock to enhance his orgasm and larger sperm sample. My patient wanted to cum so bad but I teased him to the point he couldn't hold on anymore and I had my colleage Dr.James catch his sperm sample on his face as Parker blew his load on Dr.James' pretty boy face. I left the Doctor to clean up the patient. Watch the following episode of CBP to catch what happens next!

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