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Dr. James is seeing his first patient after my evaluation of him. I have decided to give him his wings and let him take a patient on his own. Parker and Dr. James are already in conversation when I enter the office. As I stated when I last left Dr. James, I would like to see how he is with another patient. Who knew that this patient would be so hot! I ask Dr. James some information on the patient and what he is in the office for. He explains to me that he is in for some lower abdominal pain, possibly a hernia. Parker is a well fit, very attractive college basketball player, it is very possible that he has strained something during his many work outs. Dr.James begins by checking Parkers' ears, throat and eyes. Parker removes the shirt and Dr. James begins to listen to his heart and lungs. His heart is beating fast, as he is more than likely a little nervous to be in the office with two doctors. I introduce myself to him and assure that I am here purely to observe and assist when necessary. It is now time to check Parker's weight, he removes his shorts and walks over to the scale wearing only my favorite type of underwear...the tighty whitey. Parker weighs in at a sexy 145lbs, he is definitely slim and toned, with a nice tab to boot. I don't know if I am going to be able to restrain myself. Parker takes a seat back on the table, and Dr. James begins to feel around his abdomen for any tenderness. Parker explains that there is some mild tenderness in his abdominal region. Dr.James' hands aren't doing the job quite right, so I teach him how to do the proper procedure, plus I really want to get my hands on this hot guy. I place on a glove and begins showing doctor James around. He picks it up quickly. It's now time to check for a hernia, Dr. James is unsure how to do this procedure as he has yet to do one on his own. I yet again must instruct, I am not arguing about this matter at all. I take my index and middle finger and place it behind the youthful scrotum of Parker, and instruct him to turn and cough, then to the other side. Dr. James then performs the same procedure. As Parker sits back down, Dr. James goes into his pubic region for a closer look. Dr. James then grasps the shaft of Parker and inserts his penis into his mouth. He is doing my style of oral exam. Parker moans and Dr. James continues to slop saliva all over his throbbing cock. Parker looks over to me and asks a few questions. I answer, he continues to talk, in order to shut him up and get him into the procedure, I plant my lips right on his, this obviously isn't a problem for him. His tongue rolls right into my mouth, I exchange the favor, this kid can definitely kiss. I instruct Dr. James, who is still a little nervous, to take off his scrubs and get into it. As soon as he does that, I decide it's time to move over to his side of the table and give him a little cock play for his enthusiasm. I receive Dr. James cock into my mouth and he wows with ecstasy. It motivates him, he begins felating Parker with even more vigor...this is what the patient wants, I can tell. This begins turning me on, I whip my erect cock out from my scrubs, as I sit on my knees in front of Dr. James hard shaft. As I raise up to see the beautiful cock that Parker is now sporting, I decide that perhaps...its my time for a piece of that. I head back to the other side of the table, and instruct Dr. James to hand me the clip-board. I right some info down, and tell him to head over the the old offices and pic up some ten pads, I may need to do electro on this kid. I am not really intending on doing electro... I just want Parker to myself. Dr. James scurries out of the office and I plant another hot kiss on Parker's face, after the door closes, I reveal that I wanted him to myself. It's my right as the head doctor. I lick my way back down Parker's chest and stomach, making my way back to his cock, which at this time is oozing with pre-cum. I wrap my lips around that thing and begin sucking. You can hear Parker groan. He says the line, "I see why your the head doctor." Well "head" would be an understatement. Parker is stroking my cock and I am sucking his, you can tell that we are going to get to the inevitable...but to see that, you going to have to press play...and watch the video yourself.

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