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Continuing my evaluation of Dr. James, I had to see if he would be able to withstand the intense pressure that comes with working in this office. By intense pressure I surely mean the strenuous anal examinations. I throw Dr. James sweaty torso onto my exam table, and spread his legs in the air. Dr. James body contorts and moans as I insert my erect penis into his warm lubed backside. His body continues to flail about as he breathes heavily, taking every inch inside of him. As I continue to thrust in and out, in and out, he loses control of his body, stiffening and sighing. Obviously this position is causing either to much pain...or to much pleasure. I take Dr. James off my exam table, and bend him over. His legs are tense from the already  pounding. His legs clench as I thrust my member into him. I take my legs and kick them open. Dr. James arches his back repeatedly.  After I can see that he can take no more. I offer to show him how you bottom in this office. I bend over the exam table and present myself to him. Dr. James lubes up and penetrates my backside, starting of with only this tip of his impressive member, Dr. James takes it easy. Now rock solid and pounding away at my exposed ass, I begin to give the signs of pleasure. I can feel Dr. James erect cock pounding away at my prostate. I demand to flip over. I place myself back on the exam table, hang my loosening hole over the end, and let him begin. Dr. James continuously thrusts in and out. Beads of sweat begin to fall from his brow and hit me on the stomach, eventually pooling up in my naval. As I throw myself back and forth onto his hot cock. Dr. James announces he is going to cum. He shoots the load over me, hitting my neck, and stomach. I am soon to follow, spurting forth and impressive load over myself. This has been a good trial run for Dr. James. Now I must see how he is with a patient in the room.....

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