Kevin's Anal Exam
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I had just finished up with Kevin and his stretching to try to loosen him up but I wasn't sure that my first exam did the trick so I continued with a more intensive approach. Kevin arrived back and I quickly went through his vital signs. Kevin is a really hot patient and I was eager to get started with his return exam. I had Kevin lay on the exam table and I did some more stretching but this time I worked out his lower body making my way to his hot juicy ass. I spread his ass checks and played with his anal cavity as I decided to insert the prostrate anal probe and let that be in there for a while. I inserted the prostrate stimulator into his tight asshole and I teased his hole for a while before turning him over to inspect his cock as it grew. The prostrate stimulator was also giving him pleasure and it was messaging his prostrate which made Kevin a bit more relaxed but yet bad his cock rock hard. I couldn't help myself but I had to get a closer look at his hot cock so I lean forward and open my mouth as I inserted his now throbbing and twitching cock. I sucked on his cock for a while but then I had an idea. I Told Kevin to suck my cock and then decided to have him fuck me. I got undressed and Kevin inserted his hard cock into my asshole and we fucked for a while. I figure this will give Kevin some time to loosen up and to work out his hip muscles while he continues thrusting his cock in & out of my tight ass. I felt Kevin still a bit stiff so I decided it was my turn to loosen him up some more and we switched as I bent him over and fucked him in his tight ass. I can feel the tightness of his anal cavity squeeze around my cock as I pumped my cock in & out of his tight ass. I then told him to get on his back as I fucked him some more. This time I can feel his stress and tension leaving his body as I continued fucking him super hard in the ass. With my cock thrusting in & out, I can feel Kevin starting to loosen up and he was all mind to have and to fuck. I fucked him so hard, Kevin cock was really hard and he jerked himself off as he came gushing loads of cum from his hot throbbing cock. After seeing his cum shot, I couldn't hold back so I took my cock out of his tight hole and removed my condom and pumped my cock spraying Kevin with my own juicy cum. I really enjoy my first week here in the clinic and I can't wait to see more patients. If its anything like Kevin, I'm staying around for a while.

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