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It was great to see Kevin back into the clinic. It was just last week he was in the clinic collecting$100 for the sperm drive we are having on campus. I told Kevin to return and visit me again because of his joint pain and I wanted to check it out so it wouldn't be anything serious. I checked Kevin's vital signs at first and did a quick general exam. I had Kevin jump off the exam table and I had him stand next to me as I started his stretch therapy. Kevin's muscles and joints were really tight as I grab his arm and stretched it out. I then twisted his neck and then felt his spine. I started from the back of his head and I worked myself down his back and then I was feeling his lowered back. I then instructed Kevin to lean forward as I closely examined his lower back. I don't know what happen but I found myself spreading his ass cheeks and rimming his tight butt hole. Kevin not only had a smooth toned body, he has the nicest ass which I couldn't resist to closely examine it with my tongue. As I was gently moving and circling my moist tongue around his tight boy hole, I took my other hand and played with his cock which was soft and getting hard. I know Kevin was really enjoying this as I heard him moan and groan with each lick and deeper my tongue pressed into his hole. This made his cock really hard so I turned him around and sucked his cock. Kevin has a really nice cock and his balls were nice a smooth as I licked and sucked his cock and teased his nutsac. I continued sucking his cock as Kevin was leaning against the exam table, I sucked and stroked his cock. I felt his cock throb and twitch in my mouth and get super rock hard. I took my mouth away and stroked his cock and within a few moments, hot jizz squirted out of his cock and spraying it all over my chest as I stroked every drop of cum from his still hard throbbing cock. At this point, I was super hard and very horny. After he came on my chest, I got up and made Kevin suck my already hard throbbing cock. Kevin was one hell of a cocksucker as he expertly sucked on shaft and with his tongue teased my cock head while holding onto my tight nutsac. He really liked sucking my cock as he grabbed my shaft and move towards my sensitive nuts and started sucking them while continuing to stroke my cock. After examining him and seeing all these hot boys in this clinic, working here was really turning me on and the more I thought about myself examining all these boys I was more excited then ever. The vision of Kevin, my first patient sucking my cock and his boyish jock looks with his smooth toned body and the thought of him jerking off and spraying his boyjuice all over me got my cock harder and I was ready to blow. I grabbed my cock and to my surprise my willing patient was waiting for my load. As I looked down, I see Kevin waiting patiently with his mouth open waiting for my load. I continued stroking and feeling my load ready to pop as I stroked some more I felt my cum exploded out of my cock shooting and drooling down his mouth, tongue and face and then he inserted my cock back into his mouth sucking the last drops of cum. I think this is going to be a really hot clinic to work at for a while and I'm really looking forward to my next group of boys to examine.

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