Dr. Quinn & Kevin
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Today was my first day at the clinic. I was transferred from another college clinic and I was told to come to this clinic to learn some new methods that Dr. Dick and Dr. Phingerphuk are experimenting with. In the meantime, while I was waiting to meet the other Doctors I was told to take some patients and my first patient of the day was Kevin. Kevin was a typical college frat/jock type boy that picked up a flier that Dr. James passed out on the campus for male students to donate sperm. I think this is something to do with Dr. Dick's experiment but I'm not sure. The flier reads that the clinic is looking for college students between the ages of 18-21 years old to donate sperm and the student will earn up to $100. Kevin was just one of those students that picked up the flyer and decided to come in and give us a donation and for him to make $100 for his time and effort. Since Kevin hadn't have an exam in several years I decided to give him a once over. He really didn't want to get the exam but, since this was an experiment and we were paying him $100 for the donation, I just wanted to make sure he was fit & healthy. I started off by giving him a normal exam checking his heart, nose, throat and eyes and then it was time to examine his penis. Kevin was shy and really thought it was unnecessary for him to do this exam, but I reminded the patient it was he that came into the clinic to donate his sperm. With some hesitation, Kevin got undressed and allowed me to examine his penis. Kevin was a really hot smooth college boy and he had a really nice penis. It was soft at first when I had him stand as I checked first for hernias. Then I had him lay down on the exam table as I continued to examine his cock. I felt his cock getting hard as I was feeling it up and down and then he grew rock hard. I further wanted to inspect his cock so I placed his cock into my mouth and sucked his cock. This technique helps the boys produce sperm faster and to give me a bigger load. I was really enjoying sucking Kevin's cock as I felt it twitch and throb inside my tongue and by his reactions of him moaning, I think Kevin started to really enjoy this part of the exam. I then took his cock out of my mouth and stroked his cock from the base to the head of his cock taking steady strokes. My sense was telling me that he was about to cum as his scrotum tighten up and his breathing get deeper and his moans grew louder. I grabbed my specimen stainless steal container and as I stroked his cock, I felt the rush of cum starting up his shaft and with a few more strokes, I placed the container at the top of his cock and spurts of cum was shooting into the container which I captured all his sperm for our lab to examine later on the day. I told the patient to get dressed and to make an appointment with me again, because I wanted to double check his joints in his leg and perhaps get another hot session with Kevin.

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