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My new patient was waiting in the waiting area of the clinic and he's new to this clinic. I called him back into the exam room and I find out that he's been having issue's sleeping at night. Apparently he's been sleeping and as he sleeps he feels someone groping him. When he awakes, nobody is in the room. Very strange, I'm thinking, and I think he needs more then a medical Doctor, perhaps a shrink! Not knowing what is going on with my new patient. I start checking his vital signs and as I'm listening to his heart and taking his blood pressure I find out he's a 20 year old college student by the name of Aaron. He weighs about 135lbs and stands about 5'9 and seems to be in good shape. I had him undress and it seems like Aaron works out and has a really nice, toned, worked out body. His body is smooth and tight and he has a really nice ass. I felt around his lower abdomen a bit and that seemed to be normal. As a new doctor I'm a bit perplexed because I'm trying to figure out his problem with this sleeping issue he has. Everything seems to be normal so I had no choice but to check out his genitals. I had him remove his underwear and I wanted to check his pubic region since his complaint was he felt someone or something fondling him while he slept. I needed to take a thorough exam of his penis and scrotum to make sure it was working correctly and there were no scares and damage to this area of his body. As I was examining his penis, he started getting hard and I notice that he's very sensitive in this area. Many guys his age become over sensitive and start to get hard. As I continued my exam on his penis I had no choice to examine his penis much closer as I placed his cock into my mouth. Aaron had a really nice 7.5" cock with a really hot mushroom head cock that was really rock hard and needing some extra attention. His cock fit perfectly into my mouth as I was sucking him from the base to the top of his sensitive cock head. The exam room was getting really hot so I removed my shirt to get a bit more comfy as I bent over and continued to take care of my patients nice young dick. Aaron was really loving this part of the exam as he was moaning with excitement and I continued stroking and sucking his cock. He was one of my hottest patients and I think I love my new job at this clinic as I get the opportunity to closely work with hot college twinks, frat guys and jock boys. Keep watching to see what happens next in this hot oral scene between Doctor James and his hot patient Aaron!

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