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This time I wanted to continue the test on my new patient Diesal, after I did the dick sucking test and the electrostimulation endurance test, it was time for the anal exam. I took off my shirt and kissed him on his nipple and I continued down his stomach and started sucking his cock again. Diesal got rock hard and his dick was ready for the next test. After I sucked his engorged cock, I had Diesal starting to suck mine for a while. I traded spots with Diesal and I got up on the exam table and I had Diesal suck my cock. He's really good at it and my dick got really hard and dripping pre-cum. I was really feeling good and as he was sucking my cock, I felt his tongue circle the head of my cock teasing the sensitive part of my cock. His manly hands wrapped around the base of my cock and him slurping on my throbbing cock was feeling really good at this point. I could have came right then there, but I held off because I wanted to have his big cock up my ass. I told Diesal to get his condom and too lube up his cock as I prepared myself for the next and final test, the anal exam. Diesal rock hard and ready took out the stirrups and I placed my feet into the stirrups. With his cock, he slowly inserted his huge penis into my anus. This was one of the biggest cocks I ever took and it took me a while to get use it having me inside me. Once in, he pumped his hips fucking me ever so strongly. His hands holding my legs as he pushed deeper inside me, I can feel every inch of his huge cock. As he pumped harder the pain went away and it was very pleasurable at this point. Diesal was hitting my prostrate which made me hard and dripping a lot more pre-cum. I didn't want to touch myself just in case I would cum, so I just enjoyed Diesals cock pumping in & out of my tight hole. We then changed positions and face the exam table having my ass sit on the edge of the table. He then inserted his cock once again, and kept on pumping. This time my ass felt more comfortable and I was use to having his thick cock inside me. As he pumped and thrusted his hips, I suggested he fuck me doggie style. We change positions once again but this time I leaned over the exam table and he inserted his cock into my ass pumping me this time really hard but steady. His cock was great and it felt really good. My dick wanted to explode and I let him do his thing as my dick was dripping pre-cum the whole time Diesal we fucking me. The room was heating up and I hear Diesal breath was getting deeper and he was really taking his hard cock and fucking real good. He couldn't hold it any longer and pulled his cock out of my hole and removed the condom and squirted his cum all over my back. His cum just landed on my back and I can feel each dropping of cum on my back. Once he stopped I wanted Diesal to examine my hole and jerk me off until I cum. I gave Diesal some instructions on how to check for prostrate, he inserted his fingers inside my now stretch fuck hole as he moved his fingers in & out of my whole messaging my prostrate, he then placed some lube on his other hand and continued to stroke my cock. It didn't have to take him that long that my dick got really hard and I knew I couldn't hold back any longer and as he stroked my cock up & down the shaft, I shot my load flying everywhere on my chest and stomach as my cum oozed onto his manly hands. I gave Diesal a clean bill of health so we can go back to work. Hopefully we will be able to see him hear again.

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