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Doctors Log-Dr. Topinbotom, My first patient of the day and it was a really tall guy. He look very familiar so when I introduced myself I found out his name was Diesal. Diesal is one of the popular models from the adult website called brokestraightboys.com and he was told by the folks at broke straight boys that he needed to get a physical exam. Its been a while since Diesal had an exam as I was asking him questions about his health and his last time he went to see a doctor for a physicals. Being 22 years old and not having an exam for over 6 years, Diesal was due for an extensive physical. Being a fan of his I couldn't wait to start the exam. I first started out with the basics and checked his throat and then listen to his heart and then it was time to check his genitals. I had Diesal remove his underwear and I checked around his penis and palpated his shaft a bit. I felt his penis twitch in my hands as I was feeling up and down his penis. I can tell Diesal has a huge cock and I was making sure to take my time and really give his penis a thorough exam. I then moved my hands down to his testicles and feel each one. I then proceeded to phase one of the exam which was the oral exam. Once semi-hard, I took his cock into my hands then leaned over and proceeded to suck his huge cockhead. Once I placed his cock into my mouth I can feel is organ swell in my throat as I was slurping on his cock as it grew. The more I sucked the harder fatter it got. His cock throbbed in my throat and I was enjoying each moment of his cock as I sucked and stroked his cock. By this time, Diesal was ready for stage two of the exam and that was to introduce him to electro. I attached the bands around his cock. One on the base and one towards the top. I turned on the electro device, and turned up the juice. The more I turned up the electrostimulation he was feeling more and more aroused and his dick got hard, then soft and then hard twitching the whole time. This is usually what happens and is normal when someone is being electrode for the first time. I then decided to help him a long and I lightly stroked his cock and felt his cock in my hands. As I did that, he was getting hard again but this time he was maintaining his erection. I then turned up the electro some more and he was feeling it. Diesal was enjoying it because we was moaning and groaning and I knew he wanted to cum, but just couldn't. Between the machine and my hand, we were teasing his cock but he just couldn't cum. I then decided to combine, phase one and two and moved the bands down his shaft and started to blow him...his dick was super hard and the patient was breathing heavy at this point and really moaning. As I watch the patient, his eyes rolled back into his head in exctasy as both my mouth and the electro was teasing his cock. I knew anytime now that he was ready to release his juice so I removed my mouth and stroked his cock and he couldn't hold off anymore, his dick pulsated in my hand as his cock got rock hard and started spurting out cum, I purposely slowed down to allow the electrostimulation machine do its job in helping me drain all the cum from his balls. It was very successful but the exam was not over yet! We have to know complete phase 3 as I removed my shirt and started to lick his now sensitive nipples.....come back next week and see what happens next...To Be Continued.

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