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I return to the exam room where I left Ashton. I told him to go across the campus and take a shower and freshen up for his next series of experiments. Ashton was back in my office trying to re-new his prescription for his pills and although the he thinks he's trying to take advantage of us Doctors, we realize the game he's playing so we are making it very, very difficult for Ashton and pushing him to his limits. If he wants these pills, he's going to have to work for them and put up with my experiments. I enter the exam room and I see Ashton is all freshened up and ready for next assault. I knew his heart was in good working condition, but this time I checked his blood pressure and it was normal and everything seem to be in working order for a boy his age. I removed his underwear and inspected his penis, this time I placed a new electro attachment onto his penis. These were long sticky pads that I placed on his penis and I wanted to see how much endurance he can take by electrostimulating his penis with these new attachments we designed. I turned on the electrostimulation device and increased the power, he felt the tingling sensation of the electro current moving up and down the shaft of his penis, he started getting semi-hard as I played with the dials on the electro device. Ashton was taking my endurance test pretty well and seemed to enjoy it. I'm coming to the conclusion that Ashton is a freak and enjoys our experiments here in the clinic. As I turned the dials and kept on testing his endurance, I moved the electro strips down by his anal cavity and see what type of reaction we will get out of him and he seem to be doing well. Matter of fact he wanted me to increase the power. After a bit of electrostimulation and endurance testing on his penis and anal area, I then introduced Ashton to penile sounds. Penile sounds are stainless steal rods that is inserted into the Urethra of the penis to stretch the opening of the penis and it also gives a new sensation for the patient. I started out with the thinnest/smallest sound and lubed it up with anti-bacterial ointment and inserted the first sound into his penis. I slowly inserted the first one in and then ever so slightly tapping the rod while it was inserted into his penis. Although I was tapping for softly, the feeling he got was overwhelming and felt really good. Most patients that perform this one don't get hard and some his case he wasn't very hard...but he enjoyed the sensation the rod gave him. I then moved the rod up & down inserted into his penis and then I removed that size and replaced it with a thicker/larger sound. I lubed that rod up and inserted the larger rod down his urethra. Again, it wasn't painful and my patient was doing great. It felt kind of weird for him. While I had the rod down his penis, I turned on the electrostimulation device that was now stimulating his anus area as I pushed the larger rod up & down his penile shaft. After me experiment and Ashton passed with flying colors, I then needed the sperm sample for him. I lubed up my hands and jerked his cock. Once I did this, Ashton got very hard and his cock was ready to explode, but I teased his cock to build up is fluid before letting him ejaculate. I slowly stroked his cock and played with his balls, as I did that, Ashton got very hard and released his cum. His cum went spurting out with him thrusting his hips as he pump more cum out of his cock. The doctor then gave Ashton a renew prescription and warned him not to come back again.

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