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I was working in the new clinic interviewing a new doctor when I got a call to help assist with patients. I finished up my interview with our new intern and took the first patient of the day. His name was Daniel and he's a cute 19 year old college student with a stuffy, running cold with a some coughing. It seems these days, there has been a lot of colds going around. I think its the change in temperature that one day its hot then cold and hot again so its taking it toll on the students. Daniel is a new patient so I asked him a few questions and I can see his eyes were watery and his nose was red and stuffy. I took his temperature and it read 99 so he's running a bit high but nothing out of the ordinary. I had him take off his shirt and I listen to his heart and that sounded find and then I listen to his lungs and he had to bronchial congestion, but I could tell he smokes. Since this was a basic exam for a cold...I told him to lay down and I felt around his stomach and his lower abdomen. I unbutton his pants and felt his pubic area underneath his underwear. I instructed him to get undressed, just leaving his underwear on and then I told him to go to the scale so I can get his weight. Everything seem normal at this point and then he got back up on the exam table and I explained to him that I was going to examine his genitals and check for any abnormalities. As I lowered his underwear, then started feeling around his scrotum and feeling each testicle in my fingers...rolling them and feeling them for any lumps. His testicles felt good and I reached and started to examine his penis, he started getting erect. I calmed him down and told him it normal and just let his penis do what it does. As it got harder, I felt it grow in my hands with the occasional throbbing, twitching. Being 19 years old, I guess his dick had a mind of its own. I kept on examining it and feeling around as his dick got harder and more sensitive to my touching...it couldn't help it be I decided to stroke his cock. He asked me if this was a normal part of the exam and I told him that we like to be thorough here in the clinic and I like to see how healthy his penis is, so I kept on stroking. He enjoyed every moment of my firm grip wrapped around his hand as I stroked his cock up and down. Starting from the base working my way up to his sensitive head, I kept up a steady pace and continued stroking his cock. I figured let me place some lube in my hands to enhance the feeling. As I placed my hands on his cock with the lube, that drove my patient crazy and he was moaning and groaning....I felt his balls and it was tightening up and I inspected his taint area and pressed it in and rub that area for a moment as I continued stroking, I then stroked his balls and feeling around his tight scrotum knowing in just a few moments he was going to blow his load. I took a final grip and firmly grabbed his cock and stroked a few more times and he couldn't hold back, his cum spurted out of his throbbing cockhead and the rest of the cum just oozed out as his orgasm made him thrust his his and breath heavy as the cum kept on streaming out of his cock. I kept on stroking getting as much cum out of him I can possibly get in this session. My hands were completely covered with cum, so I took paper towels and wiped my hands and gave him some towels to wipe off and gave him his prescription for medicine to treat his cold. Hopefully we will see him again!

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