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It is a bit of a hectic day today in the clinic. Besides moving our clinic to a new and larger location, we have been seeing many students this past few days. The next patient is a young 18 year college boy named Aaron. Aaron just started with the college but is moving onto a college out of the United States attending a music program. Since he's going out of the country, the new college informed him he needs to have a exam before entering there school. Aaron seems to be a healthy young man so I did the basic exam on him. I asked him a few questions prior to the exam and then told him to remove his shirt and I listen to his vital signs such as his heart, took his blood pressure and took his weight. After doing his vital signs and everything seems to be in great working order. Aaron had on just a pair of undies on. I had him get onto the exam table and had him remove his undies and I lowered the exam table. I instructed Aaron to get on his hands and knees as I took the anal thermometer and placed it into his young tight hole. I inserted the thermometer and Aaron felt a bit uncomfortable with this exam, he has never had his temperature taken this way and as he was being treated he had asked me if this is normal routine for his exam. I assured him that his exam is basic and told him that I'm the type of doctor that likes to give all his patients a good thorough exam before giving them a clean bill of health. With that being said, I then took the thermometer out of his hole and had Aaron turn around for the next exam. I explained to him we have to examine his genitals so I took my hand and place it at he base of his semi-hard penis...I felt and palpated the shaft of his penis with my other hand. I started feeling his penis getting hard and to my surprise, he had a perfect nice penis. I then released his cock and thoroughly examined his nuts and nut sac and that seem to be very normal. I then told him I was going to examine and test his prostrate. I showed him the device for the prostrate test and again he wasn't sure what to make if it and he felt a bit nervous about this next part of the exam. I lubed up the Eros prostrate stimulation device and gently inserted into his tight hole...the patient twitched some as I inserted the device as I hit his prostrate which made his cock even harder. Once inserted, I tapped the device and I placed his throbbing cock into my hand. As I was stimulating his prostrate, I was slowly stroking this young males cock. I can tell his nerves were going away as he was starting to enjoy the feeling has his cock was getting harder and hotter in my hands. I notice all 18 year olds have some really hard cocks. I continued to stroke his cock as he moan from the double stimulation I was giving him from both his cock and the prostrate device teasing the most sensitive parts of the male body. As I continued to stroke, I can feel his cock wanted to cum so I slowed down some and worked more on stimulating his prostrate but I guess my patient couldn't hold out any longer and has I was stroking his cock, he started to breath heavy..moaned and grunted as he cum started spurting out of his cock. It was great to hear that my patient had a wonderful orgasm and I gave him a clean bill of health. Hopefully before he leaves we can see him again!

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