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It was a real busy day in the clinic as I was making my rounds from exam room to exam room. My next patient was a young college student named Justin. He's a new patient so I had to take some time with him. As I walked into the exam room I saw this cute tanned guy waiting with a really nice smile and sculptured face with defined facial features. I found out he's 23 years old, he's going to school for criminal law and his last exam was over 3 months. He's been having issue's falling asleep and then during the day he's tired and cranky. I asked him a few questions about the history of his health and then proceeded to look into his ears, eyes, nose and throat. I then asked him to remove his shirt. He had a really nice smooth body with tattoos, perfectly toned and tanned and nicely built for his age. I checked his heart and listen a bit to his lungs and although he smokes and I advised him to cut down on his smoking. After I listen to his heart I had him stand up and remove his pants and then weighed him on the scale. For his age he weighed 152lbs and was 5'11. I had go back onto the exam table and this time I was getting excited to do a thorough penis exam. I felt around his lower abdomen and then once again had him stand up as he removed his undies. I felt his scrotum and each testicle and rolled in my hands and then I did the famous "turn your head and cough", he had no hernia's and everything seem to be fine with his genitals. I wasn't finding anything abnormal about my new patient. I continued to feel around his genitals and the told him to lay back on the exam table once again. I explained to him that we have certain techniques in this clinic and proceeded to grab his cock and place his soft cock into my mouth as I teased his cock with my cock and the pressure of my lips tightening around the shaft of his cock. I felt his cock grow and harden in my mouth as I was aggressively sucking his cock. Now that I got him nice and hard, I kept on sucking his cock and he loved having his cock stroked as I was sucking on his balls. I spread his legs and place them up in the stirrups as I stood right in the center of his legs sucking and stroking his throbbing cock. As continued to stroke and suck for sometime and he was really enjoying this technique as he was moaning and groaning and moving his hips trying to face fuck my mouth. I controlled his cock and continued to tease his cock as I felt his cock pulsating and hard in my hands and in my throat. I continued my aggressive assault on his cock rotating from sucking to stroking. His cock got harder and harder to the point it was just a matter of him busting his load. I went down on his cock a few more times and as I stroked, he released his cum as it spurted out from his enlarged throbbing cockhead. I kept on stroking to get every drop from his balls as I watched him in totally pleasure as I felt his cock pump out the last of his cum. The exam wasn't over, so I told him it was his turn, we switched places and I had the new patient, Justin suck my cock. Since I was already horned up from his exam, my dick was drooling pre-cum and I needed to bust my load. Justin was really good at cock sucking and new what he was doing. He also rotated from cock sucking to stroking my cock giving me an incredible handjob. I couldn't hold out any longer as my dick was ready to explode in his hand. With his final stroking of my cock...I grunted as I released my cum shooting my load as Justin was firmly gripping my cock from the base stroking upwards getting out every last drop of cum from my now sensitive cock. After I came, I gave him some pills and hopefully that will help him sleep. If not, he will need to see us again and the next time will be a different series of exams.

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