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Corey took my advice and came back for his follow-up exam. Corey is a hot 21 year old straight boy that is pretty advanced. He's use to being manhandled by Doctors since he has had one of his testicles removed. When Corey was a young boy at the age of 9 years old he had a bad hernia and they had to remove one of his testicles. Ever since then, Corey had to visit a doctor every year to get his testicles examined to make sure everything is working correctly. On Corey's first visit I just did the basic exam but on his follow up visit I wanted to explore his body a bit more. I decided that his next visit will be an intense prostrate exam. I arrived in the exam room with him waiting for me. I welcomed him back and proceeded to listen to his heart. I didn't do all the basic stuff because I did it last week and not much changed but I like to listen to his heart to make sure that his heart is strong and that he will be able to endure my tests on him. I asked him to remove his shirt and I listened to his heart very carefully. Everything seem to be normal. He was a bit nervous but that is normal with all patients. I then had him stand up and remove his pants leaving his underwear on. Once his pants were removed, I quickly checked and felt around his abs. They were firm and very smooth and toned. He didn't have any pain and I didn't feel anything wrong so I proceeded to lower his undies and felt around his groin area and palpated his already hard erect penis. As I was feeling it in my hands, I can feel it throb and pulsate. I think Corey really enjoys going to the doctors office and his visits. I felt around his ball and that too seemed in very good shape. Corey with all his excitement was producing a lot of pre-cum and it was dripping from his hard penis, I knew this poor boy just wanted to cum right there and then. I told him to sit at the edge of the exam table as I continued to tease and examine his very sensitive penis. Once completed with that part of the exam, I told him we are going to start with the prostrate exam. I borrowed a new device from Dr. PhingerPhuk called the "assinator/destructor". This is a new device that is a long thick electronic dildo that has beeds built into it as the head of the dildo spins hitting the prostrate in just the right spots. I lubed up my patients ass and the dildo and slowly & carefully inserted into his tight hole. As I inserted the "assinator" his dick got really hard and I took it into my hands and slowly stroked his cock for him. Once I inserted the device, I put the power on and let the assinator do its job and teased his hole and stimulate his prostrate. In the mean time I stroked his cock up and down feeling it pulsate and his pre-cum was just dripping out of his hard cockhead. I slowly used his pre-cum as natural lube as I rubbed it into his cock which drove him more into ecstasy. His eyes were rolling back into his head and he was moaning and groaning as every sense of his ass and dick was being tested. I turned up the assinator some more and that drove him even wilder and I was slowly stroking his cock and driving him crazy with all the teasing. Once finished with that test, I moved onto the electro butt-plug. I secured his hands for my safety since this is a more intense exam, I wanted to secure his hands down on the exam table. I then inserted the electro butt-plug into his ass and turned on the electrostimulation device. While the electro butt-plug was messaging and fucking his prostrate, that feed me up to continue to inspect and examined his cock. I wanted to produce another load of cum so I turned up the electro and stroked his cock nice and firm gripping his throbbing cock into my hands stroking firmly up & down. His cock was drooling pre-cum and his cockhead got red and fat and he thrusted his hips upwards releasing a jets of hot cum flying out of his cock on onto his chest and stomach with the more cum just pouring out of his cock head and onto my hands. This was one exciting exam and what a great patient Cory has become. I'm going to keep in touch with him and perhaps we will see him again in the office for some more visits.

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