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Corey is our newest patient. This hot smooth toned straight 21 year old college student has to go to the doctors for a physical each year because he only has one testicle. At age nine, he had an accident and they needed to remove one of his testicles. Every year he as to go to the doctors and get a check up to make sure nothing is wrong with his one and only testicle and that everything is in working order. Cory was a bit nervous since this was his first time not at his normal doctor. I told him that we give a very thorough exam to all new students that arrive. I did his normal heart and throat and ears exam and I listen to his heart and such and then took his blood pressure. Everything was working just fine and nothing seem to out of place. I had him remove his shorts just leaving his undies on and I weighed him. Cory is 5'11 and weights 135lbs. Has a really smooth toned body with fine blond hair, he reminded me of the local surfer dudes that hang out on the beach. After weighing him, I had him jump back onto the exam table were I palpated his upper chest and worked my hands down his lower abdomen. Again, everything was in great working order and no normalites to report. I had young healthy 21 year old guy, that was in perfect shape. I explained to him that we are going to have to examine his genitals, I removed his underwear and his penis was already hard. I took my hand and placed it at the base of his penis and I used my other hand to palpate the shaft of his cock, working my hand up & down his throbbing cock and teasing the glans penis. I love when I do this to young guys, there sensitive dicks throbbing in my hand is so sexy. I felt around his nut and everything seemed to be fine. His testicle was healthy and I can feel this boy was ready to explode. I then told him I would need to check his prostrate and to my surprise, he has had one in the past. I inserted my lubed finger into his hole and I messaged his tender prostrate which made his cock even harder. I took my other hand and slowly stroked his cock as it was leaking pre-cum. I think flipped him over had him on all fours and then I again slipped my finger into his tight boy hole which I continued messaging his prostrate. Corey was pre-cumming very heavily and I knew he was about to bust. I wanted to have him cum because I wanted too test his reflex muscles and to see if he's producing enough sperm. I had him turn over and I removed my gloves, lubed up my hand and stroked him and teased his cock. With a firm grip around his cock, I continued to stroke him until he bust his nut and spewed his cum shooting streams of hot jizz onto my hand, his chest and stomach. We made another appointment for him to continue his testing and his next test will be an endurance test. Lets see if he can pass that test!

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