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While I was at practice it was my turn to be up to bat and the pitcher threw a wild pitch right at me. The ball ended up hitting me right in the backside. I felt like I had just been hit by a truck and as I turned to walk away other teammates came running up. Coach told me to go straight to the school's clinic to have a doctor check me out. My buddy Mike went with me to the clinic just to make sure that I got there okay, and checked in with the nurse. She took all my information and then led me to the exam room where the doctor was. She told me that I would be seeing Dr. Phingerphuck, and as I walked in the room I closed the door behind me. I explained what happened to the Doc and he had me turn to show him my back. After that he had me take a seat on the exam table and he had me take off my jersey so that he could listen to my heart. Right away, he said that it was racing kind of high, but that he would be doing some massage techniques to help me relax. After that he asked me to remove my pants so that he could check me for any hernias, or pulled muscles. I had one of the worst times getting my pants off, with my back all fucked up. Dr. Phingerphuck helped me get out of my pants so that I didn't fall. He then had to adjust the table so that it lay completely flat, and so I turned over to be on my stomach. The Doc ran his hands lightly over the top of my skin from my shoulder blades down to my feet. Attaching some sticky pads to my lower back, he explained that he was going to do a little electro shock therapy. When the pads were actually turned on, it felt really weird to have my muscles tense when I didn't do a thing. The Doc got a handful of lotion and started to rub it into my back to get me to relax. As his hands worked their way around my body he periodically had to get more lotion, because my skin was very dry. I have to say that the Doctor was very good at getting my muscles to relax, and after a bit the Doc moved the electro pads down from my lower back to my ass. One went on each cheek and they bounced with every shock that went into the muscle. Dr. Phingerphuck rubbed my feet and while it felt different, I was so enjoying the moment and didn't want him to stop. After he stopped the electro machine, the Doc removed the pads from my ass. With more lotion the Doc rubbed my ass in a bunch of different directions, when his hands slid down the center of my crack I just took a deep breath from the shock. Then, he repeated the same technique over and over again. I couldn't help it, but something turned me on with him touching my asshole the way that he was doing it. At one point he started to put the tip of one of his fingers into my hole. Because, no one had ever done what he was doing, my asshole was tight, and he wasn't able to get in very easy. Dr. Phingerphuck spanked my ass a couple of times as he fingered me only for a brief moment. Then, he rubbed down my crack once again, but this time continued sliding his hands further south touching my balls. When the Doc asked me to roll over I was a little shy about it, because my cock was hard. However, he asked a second time, and there wasn't any way I could get out of it. The Doc's eyes caught my boner and he pulled it out the side of my jockstrap. From there, he used a bunch of lube and said that he was going to give me a happy-ending I was never going to forget. He pumped my cock better than any girl that I have ever had sex with, and it was hot. I could feel like I was getting closer to shooting my load and it was very apparent that the Doc was getting turned on as well. He leaned forward and licked from my stomach up to my nipple. I didn't mind, that was something that a bunch of girls have always done to me. Then, I came a massive load all over myself, and some got on the Doc. Afterward he told me that I could come back for any future visits that I wanted or needed and there would be no wait for his personal service.

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