Shane And Austin
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I was sent by Dr. Toppinbottom to go get Shane, because he was next to get a physical from the list that our new couch had given him. Shane had just changed and was getting ready to go practice when I told him that he was next. He asked me how my physical went and I just said that it was a lot of hands on, and he asked if I would go with him to the clinic. We walked over to the clinic and I took him right into the exam room where I had gone. The Doc followed us right into the room and he picked up Shane's folder and started taking a look at the notes that the previous doctor had left. He asked Shane if he had heard any rumors about what goes on at the clinic and he just said no. Then, the Doc asked Shane if he had any issues that they should address, and without giving any real details he commented that the last time he was in he was unable to give a sample. By sample I knew that they tried to get a sperm sample from him and he wasn't able to get off, I wonder if the Doc gave him head. With that Dr. Toppinbottom explained what was going to happen, and then he started with listening to Shane's heart and lungs. He followed that up with taking his weight, looking into his eyes, and then he started to palpate his lower abdominal area. The closer that he got to Shane's cock and exposing it for me to see, the more that I happened to get turned on. Dr. Toppinbottom asked him to take off his swim gear, and Shane did this single move to take them off without getting down from the exam table. Using his hands the Doc took a closer look at Shane's package and then he looked at me. He said that since I was staying in the room that I could become useful in getting Shane hard for the endurance test. Right away, I knew that the Doc wanted me to give him oral. I got up from the chair and took Shane's dick in my mouth. As I started to give him head, he seemed to like it, because he made a comment and moaned a little bit. The more that I sucked the whole thing the harder Shane's cock got making it easier to suck. While I gave him head I also played with myself to turn me on. Dr. Toppinbottom said that he wanted us to take a break and to have Shane move on to doing his endurance test, but just when I thought that my job was done. The Doc said that it was going to be a sexual endurance test. Dr. Toppinbottom told me that I was going to have to take one for the team and let Shane fuck me in the ass. What could I say I didn't want him to say anything to couch that could make me sit on the bench? I pulled my trunks off and bent forward over the exam table, I braced myself for what was about to come, but since the Doc fucked me I knew that it should be easier. He slid his dick in quick and started the motion of fucking slowly, and from there he started to build up some speed. One thing that I notice was him rolling his hips as he fucked me and do have to say that it felt great. I couldn't help, but yell for him to fuck me harder. Shane was going so hard that he was forcing me forward into the exam table. It was then that Toppinbottom announced that he wanted to take Shane's temperature anally while we fucked. Shane slowed everything done and things became a little more sensual, and after the Doc was finished he asked me to flip over. Getting on my back with my legs up was a lot easier for me to just lay there and did nothing while Shane continued to do all the work fucking me. I stroked my dick and rubbed his chest with the passion that he seemed to be showing for all the action. Slowly, I was building up towards having an orgasm without really doing a lot of jerking off. Sure enough, I got off from the fucking and shot my load on my stomach. Afterward Dr. Toppinbottom said that Shane was going a great job, but that the endurance test wasn't done. It was the Doc's turn to get fucked. He stripped out of his clothes and positioned himself over the table and Shane pushed forward and began fucking the Doc. As the two of them were at it, things didn't take long for Dr. Toppinbottom to shoot his load right on the exam table. Shane had already pulled out and was busy jerking off, and it was surprising to hear Dr. Toppinbottom tell Shane to shoot his load all over the Doc's back. When Shane was getting close, he stepped forward to make sure this load ended up on the Doc. He sprayed all over and it was thick and runny, after that I am sure Toppinbottom needed a shower. Since I was still hard I was able to get off a second time shooting my load right by the Doc's face onto the exam table. Dr. Toppinbottom told us everything that we did stays in the exam room and handed us a sucker as a treat for doing a good job.

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