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Dr. Phingerpuck had me move down to the end of the exam table to where my ass was right on the edge of the table. The Doc used his fingers and applied a liquid to my hole, and I thought that maybe he was getting ready to take my temperature anally. They have done that before in the clinic and that wouldn't surprise me much. However, it took me a moment before I realized what the Doc was doing. He directed his cock between my butt checks and the tip to go in my hole. As he pressed forward, I felt a little uncomfortable and with my hand I pushed him back so that he wouldn't go that deep. Dr. Phingerphuck grabbed my hand and held it for a second while he started to fuck me. As he started to go faster I couldn't help, but moan as it was my way of coping with the pain and discomfort. I will say though that my cock got harder from having his dick in my ass. The Doc seemed to get more turned on the harder he fucked my ass, and after a while he asked me to get down off the table. He instructed me to bend over the exam table and to stick out my ass for him to be able to continue. Since he had already been fucking me for several minutes he was able to get his dick right back into my ass and pound away. As he fucked me I tried not to jerk off too much, because I was unsure if he wanted to collect a sample and didn't want to go through all of this for nothing. Although, as I jerked off it was a lot easier to keep my mind busy thinking about that. As he rubbed my body with his hands as he talked to me, Dr. Phingerphuck told me that I was going to get a chance to fuck him. I think that the Doc had a thing for my cock and that's why he wanted it so bad in his ass. He assumed the position bending over the table, but he put one leg up on the table making it easier access to his hole. It was as we were fucking that he reached back to my leg and told me to slow down. That all the fucking we were doing was getting him close to climax. Dr. Phingerphuck hopped up on the exam table on his back and lifting his legs up I was able to start again where I left off. As I fucked him at a steady pace, I tried to get as deep as possible for pay backs for how he fucked me. The longer that we kept going the more turned on he got and that's when the Doc stated to stroke his cock. From that point it only took him about a minute before he shouted that he was going to cum. Shooting his load on his stomach it went in a straight line up from his dick to little drops in the middle of his chest. I pulled my cock out of his ass and stroked my cock so that I would be able to get off. It felt great having my cock explode all over the Doc who worshipped me. After that he sat right up and told me that he knew that there was another teammate on the swim team that needed a checkup after mine. I was sent to go fetch him and bring him to see the Doc.

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