Alex Part 3
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I was feeling really horny so I made an appointment to go back to see the doc. I had a really great time at the docs office in the past and I wanted to speak to him regarding fucking guys. I never really had sex with guys before, but since my visits with the doc, I started to explore my sexuality. I was nervous to speak to the doc but he seem to be really cool and had no problems when it comes to sex. I heard stories around the college campus that the clinic is notorious for deviant behavior and all kinds of sexual experimentation. I entered the exam room and my favorite doc was there, Dr. Topinbotom. I told him that I wanted to speak to him about anal and having sex with guys and the doc was very helpful with me learning the "ropes". He had be get up on the exam table and made me undress and then he wanted me to get hard. I was nervous and my hands were really cold, I told the doc so wasting no time, he went down and started sucking my cock. I never had a doc nor another guy suck my cock....and he really did much better then the girls I've had in the past. I was always shy about sex so this trip to the doctors office really helped me out a lot to open up. I was getting confused and started questioning my sexual tastes. I really enjoyed how the doc sucks cock...taking full charge of my cock he started sucking and jerking me off. My dick became super hard and sensitive and then the doc told me its time to fuck! I got off the exam table and place a condom on and the doc bent over the table as I slid my lubed cock into his tight asshole. It felt really strange at first but once I got the hang of it, I started to fuck the doc really good. My dick felt really nice going in & out of the docs tight ass that my dick got more sensitive and harder...after a few moments and that position, the doc told me that he was going to flip over onto his back and put up the stirrups and for me to continue fucking him. At this point the doc was loosened up and my dick was as hard and stronger then ever...I fucked the doc even harder while he was stoking himself off...I really fucked him good! After my pounding, the doc couldn't help it and as I was fucking him, the doc started shooting his cum, for me it felt really good as I felt the doc ass muscles clinch down on my cock as he came. I couldn't help it any longer and I was about to cum, so I took out my cock and took off my condom and stroked my dick, cumming all over the do. I had a really great time at the docs and I felt a lot more comfortable with my sexuality. I just hope I'm able to have fun with guys and girls without the docs help.

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